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Tip.It Times - 24th July 2011

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Spot-on article by Crocefisso. Someone else who actually doesn't believe the conspiracy theory rubbish either :thumbup:. I agree that I have my mutterings about some of the things Jagex do, however, the problem is simple - The game is infested with hordes of crappy players who wouldn't know the meaning of achievement if it slapped them in the face.

It's obviously too much effort these days for many of today's playing population to put some time and effort into the game without resorting to macroing, scamming and constantly complaining about the game being too 'grindy'. Don't get me wrong, Jagex has played its part for allowing the game to become dumbed down to cater for these players.

Perhaps Jagex could solve this issue by making a more child-friendly version of RS just for that batch of players so they get their 99's in 5 mins, Phats are 1gp each and they can kill Jad with one hit :grin:. It'd certainly cater for the whingers on these forums :pray:

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Perhaps Jagex could solve this issue by making a more child-friendly version of RS

Nexon beat them to it; it's called MapleStory. :lol:

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So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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@ Crocefisso's article:

Yes voters need too indeed blame themselves, but I still blame Jagex also!
They had a duty to protect the game and to refrain from this kind of populist non sense. I have always been a big supporter of Jagex , specially when some of there measures were not always welcomed by the masses at first, because they seemed to have a 'conscience' about the game, maybe in the form of the Gower brothers..
This, my believe in Jagex and in my opinion there 'game conscience' ended with that referendum. With there obviously false statement that they could control bots and other cheaters, with them choosing a fast , short term up over the long term well being of the game.
Free trade and real pk-ing were actually appealing too me, but not the inevitable consequences. So.. i voted NO and I argued the fallacy of there assurances, there referendum and its unavoidable outcome.. and the most heard 'serious' reply was: 'Jagex said so, so it is, mostly from players who had till then refused too believe the same Jagex when it insisted for years that limits on the transfer of wealth were needed because you can not win the battle against bots otherwise.

I now rarely play, after putting in over a years worth of full play days, because Jagex ended the golden age of Runescape, instead of as claimed by many, brought it back..

I firmly wished I was going to be proven wrong.

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