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Lvl 137 looking for a clan

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First of all, here are my stats, I think I meet most statrequirements.




Looking for a European/worldbased mature clan that does a bit of everything: Skilling, PVM, PVP....

I have a very demanding job as well as daily housechores and a baby planned for the near future, I cannot meet any compulsory weekly activity requirements.

However whenever I'm on I enjoy doing some things together with a few friends and I love to hang out and chat in Clan chats.


In short, just looking for a clan that has to offer me a bunch of good chats and new friends to tackle things together in Runescape.



Previous clans:


Red dragon Knights - Left after a dispute with the owner of the clan after hosting a dropparty I did not ask permission.

Damage Incorporated - Had to leave because I wasn't able to attend weekly Pktrips anymore, otherwise I think I'd still be in that clan. It's closed now.



That's about it, leave a post or a PM if you have a clan that you think will suit me.

Thanks in advance

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My name is Forever, one of two leaders of the clan "The Dark Syndicates". We are a new clan(rising from the dead) with a great, paid site, and we are looking for new members!


Our goal is to be a fun, successful Runescape clan with a medium requirement, creating fun events for our members at least 3 times weekly by our Events Team. We are also getting into official wars now that we have some experienced warrers. We have a well run site with a unique MyBB forum experience that we are sure you will enjoy.



  • 80+ Combat F2P
  • 1 Full set of Rune Armour
  • Desire to have fun!





The Dark Syndicates clan was founded on Friday March 26th by three close friends from a previous clan. They were known as Peakay, Dratz, and Sir Peter. As soon as the site was complete, the members began rolling in. Our first member, Brabo, was immediately promoted to head of recruitment. The clan was up & running sooner than expected. Soon enough, Sir Peter was banned for breaking the clan rules.


Members came and went, until one person, SlurpeeREHAB joined. She proved herself worthy of becoming Leader of TDS. She was the clan's favorite member. Eventually, she left TDS, using school as an excuse. It turned out she left us for another clan. Members didn't like this, and she became pretty disliked.

After the departure of Slurpee, The Dark Syndicates slowly began to crash. Dratz left, in hopes of becoming a professional warrer. Many other mentionable members began leaving. Unfortunately, TDS died on November 3rd, 2010.


Soon, many of the people that were once in TDS began asking Peakay to bring it back. On April 10, 2011, The Dark Syndicates was revived by Forever, Brabo, and Sorrow(Dratz). We're currently building back up to the awesome clan we once were.


Clan Info

Our Website!|Our RuneHead|CC:"The Dark Syndicates"

Our Clan Cape:







Meet the Staff!






Hey guys! Its Forever, Clan Leader of The Dark Syndicates. If youre reading this, you are probably considering on join us! Well heres a brief intro on who I am and will I be a great leader? Im 17 years of age and started playing Runescape for about 6years, some days or sometimes I like to joke around and have fun and some days, you wont want to talk to me. What do I do when I play? If you were to enter the wilderness, Ill guarantee youll find me BARRAGING you! I also try my best on managing the clan and try to make things fun. Anyways, I am not so good at doing intros and thats all you need to know, since this is a game, you only need to know what I do in game.




Currently known on runescape as the great "TDS-Brabo", Brabo started playing runescape at the age of 7. He has had multiple accounts, which he mostly gave out to his friends. His first clan was TDS and he's really loving it.

In real life he's a pro yu gi oh player. The fact that he is Dutch makes this even more awesome. He plays a lot on his ps3.

He dislikes people that beg for ranks, & his emo brother.



High Coucil



Hey potential future TDS members. I'm iNyanKitty, a High Council of TDS. I'm 16 and I've been playing RS for about 4 years, on and off. I've been clanning for about 3 years, being in TEH, SE, EoR, and a few others. I'm a pretty open person, and I'm always willing to help you if you need any. I, along with the clan, will make sure you have a great time in TDS.



Currently known as T_D_S on RuneScape. Ray started playing RuneScape at the age of 9. He had many accounts before. His previous clans were: Neon, The Dark Syndicates, and Legacy Of Legends. His favorite game is RuneScape. His favourite hobbies are Soccer and Basketball.



Hi, I'm Mike. I'm 20 years old & I've been playing RuneScape since late 2002/03. I've been leader in other clans. Been clanning for around 2 and 1/2 years. My RS names are Yashakenshi and DoomedSound. If you need any thing just ask, I'll be glad to help you.


Warlord, Fierce GI


Hi, I'm Fierce GI. I am currently the Warlord for The Dark Syndicates. I've been playing Runescape for awhile and have 99 defence/woodcutting. I am a person that does whatever whenever. I hate getting pwned in clan wars/pk trips/by NPCS, and I hate rich noobs (unless they give GP)


Events Team Manager, Legit


Hey Guys! Its L3G1T! Im the F2P Events Manager. I started playing Runescape at the age of 12. I've had a lot of accounts before. I'm currently known as "TDS-LEGiT" in Runescape. My first clan was The Dark Syndicates. In Runescape, I enjoy pking, but i definitely wouldn't call myself a pro.






The P2P side of TDS, defeating the King Black Dragon.



TDS after it's first war(which fortunately, was a win!).



A picture from TDS's drop party!



The Dark Syndicates + Forsaken Legends(our allies) against The RuneScape Rebelz. A MUST SEE!


We surely hope to see you soon! Thank you for your interest in The Dark Syndicates!

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.:: | Quick Links | ::.

How to Join | Forums | Calendar | Runehead



.:: | crossedswords.png Introduction crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | About TRR | ::.

TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Everyone is accepted and welcomed into the family, no matter how new to RuneScape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of RuneScape to have fun?


By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no combat level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played RuneScape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal regardless of their experience in clans or RS. We help each other out, whether it be in RS or giving advice for real life situations.



.:: | crossedswords.png Key Information crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Primary Time Zones | ::.

GMT | Atlantic | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific

We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: | Clan Leaders | ::.




.:: | Home Worlds | ::.

P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: | IRC Channel | ::.



.:: | War Record | ::.

[ 19 - 7 - 0 ]


.:: | Base Types | ::.

F2P and P2P


.:: | In-Game Chat | ::.

Friends Chat: TheRebelz | Clan Chat: Traaginen



.:: | crossedswords.png What We Offer crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Professional and Understanding Staff | ::.

The only reason we have clan officials is to keep the clan running smoothly.

Clan Leaders and Council Members exist solely to help you achieve the best clan experience possible; they aren't around to flaunt their power and show off the ban-hammer.

If you ever have a problem with a clan member or an official, the dispute will be settled swiftly and in a fair manner.


.:: | Top of the Line Experiences | ::.

Thanks to our community, TRR is able to offer several advantages that very few other clans are able to provide.

We possess paid IPB 3 forums, Ventrilo, an independent website, and exclusive RuneScape guides!


.:: | A Spectacular Community | ::.

TRR boasts one of the largest and most welcoming communities in RuneScape.

Whether you enjoy browsing forums, talking about RuneScape in clan chats, or discussing aspects of clanning with officials in IRC, you can be sure that there will always be someone willing to carry on conversation in TRR!

We also offer VoIP communication with Ventrilo, something many clans don't offer.


.:: | A Variety of Events | ::.

Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events.

Our clan puts its members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be.

As a result, we boast what's probably the largest variety of events ever hosted by a clan.



.:: | crossedswords.png What We Ask Of You crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Clan Chat Activity | ::.

It might seem silly, I know; but you would be amazed at how many people join and then complain that they didn't ever know when an event was taking place.

To prevent that and to get to know other members of the clan, staying active in our in-game clan chat is a must.

Our friends chat is 'TheRebelz', and members are expected to either be in it, OR our Clan Chat whenever they're on RS.

You are allowed to leave the chat in certain situations (e.g. checking up on a merchant chat, moving chats for an event, etc), but generally you should be in the clan chat while on RuneScape.


.:: | Forum Activity | ::.

As a member of TRR, it is your responsibility to periodically check up on the clan forums.

This is important for many reasons, the least of which is so you can stay updated on clan news and important announcements.

Many members choose to bookmark the forums - Forum Index - and simply check up on them quickly before or after logging into RuneScape.

Posting on the forums is a necessary part of becoming involved with our clans community, and promotions are often based on how active clan members are on the forums.


.:: | Respect | ::.

Clan officials and clan members are participating in TRR for their own enjoyment, thus we ask all members to show respect towards our staff and other members.



.:: | crossedswords.png Clan Media crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Videos | ::.



Our Clan Videos

Click above to view over 20 of TRR's videos!


.:: | Pictures | ::.




.:: | crossedswords.png Frequently Asked Questions crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | How Do You Join? | ::.

We have an extremely fast and painless process for applicants.

Click Here For Directions! | Video: How To Join TRR


.:: | Can I Join The Forums Without A RuneScape Account? | ::.

Of course, just follow the directions posted above and explain your situation. We'll welcome you into our community!


.:: | Aren't There Only New, Low-Leveled Players? | ::.

Actually, our message has attracted a GREAT deal of experienced RS players. People that like to do more demanding events such as God Wars shouldn't have a problem finding others to play with, regardless of timezone.


.:: | I Have A Few More Questions... | ::.

Feel free to visit our forum and post any remaining questions you may have in the Guest Forum.






Thanks for considering TRR, we hope to see you soon!




The Rebelz - Website

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i won't post a copied message. check out wilderness guardians we are 7 years old and have members from just about everwhere. and we do pvp/pvm/skilling events so there is something for everyone to enjoy. any question pm jaredspurr on irc or on here or wg jared ingame

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Forsaken Legends are mostly based around GMT and EST so times shouldn't be much of a problem for that ^^ .. We understand that real-life comes before anything on Runescape which is why we are lenient on those who miss events because of things in Lifescape.. We are all about the community at FL which is why our clan chat is usually a great place to hang out and chat, hopefully you can find a new home there :) ...


Now here's our topic, just for formality..







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Yo whats up?


The Red Blade Hunters clan sounds perfect for you! We have a good mix of weekly events mainly focusing on f2p cwa but with tons of boss hunting and skill events thrown in there as well. We have a very strong community and love to just chat in irc. Also, even though we'd love to see you at wars we have no required events so they'll be no pressuring. However, we do ask that you stay active on forums and irc so we know your still interested. Any questions? Hit me up ingame (my rsn is And_I_Saw), in irc on swiftnet (/query and_I_Saw) or see our full recruitment topic here.




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Hey man, Maybe we're a clan that might suit you. You can come check us out at anytime on forums or IRC or Ingame in CC, Hope to see you around man!



BWG Enter


Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG







Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG



|| TBWOG Forums || TBWOG Member List || TBWOG IRC ||

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NOTE: TheRSBrotherhood is a P2P only clan, so we ask any members who are not P2P to turn away now. However, if you joined the clan as a P2P member and then had to change to F2P you will be allowed to remain in the clan, under the condition that you will become P2P once again in the near future.

NOTE ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS: Scroll to the bottom for more information on Assignments and more!

NOTE ABOUT RANKS: Scroll down to the bottom to see how ranks work!


About TheRSBrotherhood

Members who join The RS Brotherhood are not only members of a clan, they are members of a family who can enjoy themselves skilling and fighting in each others company, all striving to a common objective and encouraging each other. Members will learn another side to training skills, whilst training in the company of your fellow clan-mates, even the most tedious and boring skill can be joyful.



  • One Assignment Per Month
  • 5 Posts on the Forums monthly (this is easy.)


Quick Links!

Site Forums: Site Forums | Register: Register | Clan Rules: Clan Rules | Application Thread: Application Thread | Memberlist: Memberlist







An Assignment in TheRSBrotherhood is a simple easy task that does not exceed 50,000 experience in a given skill assigned. This means if I am at 900,000 total experience in Cooking, the MOST experience I could be assigned to get in Cooking is 50,000; This leaves me at a total of 950,000 experience in Cooking. A fairly easy skill, right? We don't aim to give you skills we don't like but if we see your Cooking level at 38 and it does not exceed 50,000 experience to get to level 39, the most we can assign you is 2,935 experience (the experience from levels 38 to 39.) So if we assign a skill with less than 50,000 to the next level (happens often) we will ask you only raise a level in that skill.



Bob: Cooking = 950,000 experience

Jill: Cooking = Level 39 Cooking


Bob's current Cooking Experience is 900,000 whereas Jill's Cooking level is 38. Thus meaning Bob would have to gain 50,000 experience where Jill would only have to raise a level. However, we are very fair with how we set up Assignments, we wouldn't like unhappy brethren! Meaning we will make Assignments as easy and accessible for every clanner and make it fair.


Ranks and how to climb the ranks!

At TheRSBrotherhood we believe strongly in loyalty, thus meaning if you were looking for a clan to quickly rank you up and give you the power to kick people, you are mistaken. We do not do points systems where you earn a certain amount of points and rank up, nor do we rank you up according to your total level or combat level. TheRSBrotherhood is about skilling and having fun and that's just what we want you to focus on, it's amongst the Leaders to decide to invite you to become a higher rank and promote you based on your loyalty towards the clan.



More about TheRSBrotherhood

TheRSBrotherhood was formed in August 2011, with the idea of making the greatest Runescape clan yet. There is no doubt that we have considered that this will take a vast amount of time to achieve but that is why we are looking for dedicated, and loyal members to help push this clan to victory and become one of the greatest.


We also hold many events ranging from skilling events such as, Fishing at Piscatoris to fighting events such as, Corporal Beast or any other type of boss hunting.

Other events also include those based around mini-games, such as castle wars, stealing creation, etc. Making sure that all clan members have a chance of participating.



Clan Home World: 131

Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Quick find code: 93-94-649-63120815

Clan chat: TheRSBrotherhood


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If your 21yrs old or older look into Solers Audaciter.


Solers is a medium sized (currently) group of adult RuneScape players who like belonging to a clan but don't like having their game play directed for them. We hold a monthly skill competition and have a clan "social hour" on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons (so that members from different time zones can attend). Occasionally we will plan a monster hunt but the clan is composed more of "skillers" than "killers". No event or competition is ever mandatory and members pop into and out of the clan chat at their leisure. In short, it's for people who don't like dealing with immaturity within a clan structure (kids), who are not into a heavy competition based atmosphere, and who don't like a lot of "mandatory" events that interfere with their own goals within the game.


So Solers is not a PKing/PC/Skilling/Pure clan. If anything, the founders prefer to think of Solers as a "leveling" clan. We are a medium sized group of experienced and mature players whose goal, generally, is to "max" in RuneScape.


Maturity is the primary quality we look for in any prospective member. In other words, if you enjoy spamming chat and forums with "leetspeak", can't be bothered to look up a guide for a quest or skill, want people to "hold you by the hand" to walk you through simple tasks, or think clan sites and forums are a good place to "cyber" or find a boy/girlfriend then this is not the clan for you. The founders of this clan are both intolerant of childish behavior AND WILL DEAL WITH IT HARSHLY. If you are AT LEAST 21 years old, mature, an experienced player (normally meaning over 2.5 years of play time), and seeking a group of people who enjoy camaraderie and helping each other reach their goals please read on.


The requirements for membership in the clan are maturity, 125 Combat and a total level of 2100 or greater. SOLERS AUDACITER

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