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It's Super Effective!

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Ltk's bank has never exceeded 23k nor will it ever.


Harpie fact #12


Greens is shit at farming.


Harpie fact #27


Harpies make good remixes of eminem songs.


Harpie fact 83


unbinding green's kidneys for ltk's heart

do you farm guam like me sir ltk


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the power is within the talons


harpie fact # 69

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best seller must buy!

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The penguins must die.


Harpie fact #1.

Squab unleashes Megiddo! Completed all quests and hard diaries. 75+ Skiller. (At one point.) 2000+ total. 99 Magic.
[spoiler=The rest of my sig. You know you wanna see it.]

my difinition of noob is i dont like u, either u are better then me or u are worst them me

Buying spins make you a bad person...don't do it. It's like buying nukes for North Korea.

Well if it bothers you that the game is more fun now, then you can go cry in a corner. :shame:

your article was the equivalent of a circumcized porcupine

The only thing wrong with it is the lack of a percentage for when you need to stroke it.


Poignant Purple to Lokie's Ravishing Red and Alg's Brilliant Blue.

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someone compile these


itll be good for the newbies

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0. wat (Sonniku)

1. The Penguins must die. (Squab)

2. Penguins were former polar harpies that fell because they chose to abide by the rules of society. Also, they lost their wings and just suck hard. (Armorare)

3. [harpie] (LTK)

4. Swallowing is not only recommended, but mandatory. (K4ylan)

5. WTF (Greens)

6. K4ylan will change the number of your facts if you don't get shit right. (K4ylan)

7. Ambler is a dual TheRapist and Therapist. (Ambler)

8. Don't forget the HF, EVER (Zaaps)

9. The Harpie Blog is better than all other blogs combined. (LTK)

10. I <3 K4ylan for all the siggy updates and fact updates. (LTK)

11. TIF will one day fall under complete harpie control. (LTK)

12. LTK's bank has never exceeded 23k, nor will it ever. (LTK)

13. It is believed Harpies and Trolls have a common ancestor. Obvious harpies are better because they have better looks *and* can fly. (Armorare)

14. Tip.it Forum Rules describe the warping of spam around harpies via multiple differential equations. (Quyneax)

15. Don't struggle when being surprised kidnapped adopted. (Greens)

16. Harpies thrive in power outages (Zaaps)

17. Next time, use lubricant [/hindsight] (K4ylan)

18. When in doubt, [harpy]. (LTK)

19. All major religious figures had am association with harpies, some being half-harpy themselves. (Armorare)

20. Harpies don't xp-waste; they xp-gorge. (Armorare)

21. Blackjack (LTK)

22. Armorare started this whole pointless list of Harpy Facts with his tell-all book "Eat. Cracked. Faap.", so complain to him. (Armorare)

23. K4ylan once trusted Armorare the keys to his car and his wife. Guess who crashed one vehicle and wrecked the other? (Armorare)

24. Harpies and Pokemon go great together (and awesome sex). (Armorare)

25. Harpy timelords think regenerating is reliving puberty, mid-life crisis, and an identity crisis all at once. (Armorare)

26. Harpies > The World (Greens)

27. Green is shit at farming. (LTK)

28. Because of Tripsis, Harpies have a Skittle shortage and must use M&Ms. (Armorare)


30. 99% of people who read this blog will explode before reading the whole thing. (LTK)

31. 90% chance you're refreshing this just to read the facts over and over, instead of clicking the link for the whole list. (Armorare)

32. If you're not clam, you're angry. (Mere/Hedgehog)

33. Ambler didn't know he could click this image to see all the facts. However, he did know that it secretly lures you into the Harpy blog. (Ambler)

34. If it exists, there's harpie porn of it (Squab)

35. Harpies and Lamias are known for making sex games out of the idiotic adventurers and slayers they come across. (Armorare)

36. Cracked.com is the most popular site preferred among harpies, second to Tip.it and sometimes Runescape. (Armorare)

37. Fact 36 was fact 236 in a past life. (Alg)

38. If you are reading this, you are probably being watched. (Cow)

39. Harpies never contradict themselves. (K4ylan)

40. Harpies may sometimes contradict themselves. (K4ylan)

41. If someone's playing a recorder, a harpy kidnaps them and makes them learn the flute, a more cool instrument. (Armorare)

42. Zombie orgies on Tuesday. (Saradomin Mage)

43. Harpies have way too much time on their hands (K4ylan)

44. MLP is accepted, but by no means required. (K4ylan)

45. School gets in the way of harpy time. (K4ylan)

46. There's only 100 facts. (K4ylan)

47. K4ylan says there are 100 facts because he cannot count past 100. (Armorare)

48. Ambler never quits. (Ambler)

49. Harpies cannot lose, and their opponents cannot win. (Squab)

50. The owners of the harpie blog hold no responsibility for any mental or physical scarring caused by this blog. (LTK)

51. Kangaroos, like Penguins, were former harpies. We still like Kangaroos because they're Australian. (Armorare)

52. "Harpy Divebomb" is the only harpy term to mean both a sexual move *and* the name of a drink. (Armorare)

53. Most harpies are actually unable to count beyond this fact number. (Cow)

54. [bleep] you, Cow. (Mere/Hedgehog)

55. Harpies don't have slaves; they do prisoners. (Armorare)

56. Anyone can be kidnapped willingly join the Harpies. Except penguins. (K4ylan)

57. The Harpy pack is divided into flocks of 32 or less. All harpies are still equal. (K4ylan)

58. The Harpy List was first in LTK's signature, then in K4ylan's. It now resides in Zaaps' OP. (K4ylan)

59. Pokémon is the game of kings harpies. (Greens)

60. Pandemic 2 is the Harpy training grounds. (K4ylan)

61. And on the 8th day, God created the harpies. (Zaaps)

62. And on the 9th day, God regretted it. (K4ylan)

63. According to Armorare, harpies like hand-to-hand sex. (K4ylan)

64. Get under me. (LTK)

65. Because racecar (Monk)

66. Armorare's a trendsetter. (Armorare)

67. Sonikku actually set the trend first. (K4ylan)

68. According to Jagex, P2P has priority on trendsetting (Armorare)

69. The power is within the talons. (Zaaps)

70. Fyi, ladies dig the talons. (LTK)

71. Zaapdos is the best Pokémon. (Squab)

72. Nex is a harpy. (Squab)

73. The amount of harpies is directly proportional to the inverse amount of non-harpies multiplied by 10 (Killerred)

74. People who visit our harpy nest eventually get to the point of asking themselves, "What the [bleep] is going on?". This most likely happens within the first ten minutes of entering. (LTK)

75. Ambler has never played/owned a Pokémon game. (Ambler)

76. Ambler will be forced to download and complete every Pokémon game right now. (K4ylan)

77. Harpies are good Dungeoneers. (Armorare)

78. It is always Super Effective. (K4ylan)

79. Armorare has too many obsessions. (Armorare)

80. In his life, Steven Irwin managed to tame all but two creatures: Sting Rays and Harpies. You know the sting ray story, but when he tried to tame a harpy, that harpy tamed him back. *hint* *hint* (Armorare)

81. The iceberg in Titanic was actually the plotting of both two harpies who overheard claims of an unsinkable ship; they accepted the challenge and won. (Armorare)

82. Harpies have two different interpretations of "spreadsheets": non-xp wasting and bunyip-related memes. (Armorare)

83. Harpies make good remixes of Eminem songs. (LTK)

84. Harpies taught the Romans how to party in the ancient times, so it's more like "When in Rome, do it like a Harpy." (Armorare)

85. Certain books exist because harpies made manuals for Cleopatra on the (useful) art of seduction. (Armorare)

86. What is Amnesia? A: Memory loss, A: Memory loss, or 4: Ambler's lame joke? (Ambler)

87. What is Amnesia? A: Memory loss, A: Memory loss, or 4: Ambler's lame joke? (Ambler)

88. When a harpy hits 88 MPH, they can pull of time travel, which only a select few can pull off. The only exception is Armorare, who is the Harpy Timelord. (Armorare)

89. Double posting may occur often. (K4ylan)

90. Double posting may occur often. (K4ylan)

91. Ambler's dungeoneering level. (Ambler)

92. They serve grilled cheese sandwiches at In-n-Out. It's pretty damn delicious. (K4ylan)

93. According to post #94 on ISE, LTK originally had a 50k bank. (K4ylan)

94. Faap. Faap Everywhere. (Saradomin Mage)

95. Doesn't matter; had sex with Rainbow Dash. (Vezon)

96. K4ylan likely thinks Armorare was born and stuck with a trollface. (Armorare)

97. The art of flight is throwing yourself at the ground and missing. Harpies have to aim at the moon to achieve this. (Quyneax)

98. A harpy can pick all three starter pokemon in a game. (Armorare)

99. NPS (K4ylan)

100. Harpies are kidnapped, not recruited. (K4ylan)

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The harpie blog is better than all other blogs combined.




I <3 K4ylan for the siggy updates and fact updates.




TIF will one day fall under complete harpie control.




unbinding green's kidneys for ltk's heart

do you farm guam like me sir ltk


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