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Divine Forces vs Silent Ember

The Observer

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So Roel set up a CWA fight with Silent Ember for this Tuesday. Silent Ember always give us pretty good fights, so we knew this would be a challenging series of fights. With few days of prep, both clans met up on world 93 spamming their hellos and gls. Shortly after round one began with the following rules.


~ Melee binds range

~ DF Attacks

~ Dung off

~ Corrupt off


DF Starting: 33 (Dropped from like 48)

SE Starting: 33


Unfortunately for us, the fights started with a dc and 1 hit. We managed to pick it up however SE never let go of the lead.


SE Ending: 22

DF Ending: 0


For round 2, we originally had a another matched opts arranged, but we decided to do a cwri instead. The rules were simple, 30 min cap, all styles with dung allowed.


With DF starting in the high 40s and sE the mid 30s, we easily kept the upperhand throughout the fight. We held a steady pile throughout the cap and even let some non warlords lead here and there (btw r3mn4nt ur never leading again).


DF Ending: 105 kills, 53 players

SE Ending: 66 kills, 30 players


Thanks for the fight SE, hit us up for more fights in the future.




Some pictures










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Thanks for the fights DF, didn't appreciate the sniping.

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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Thanks for the fights DF, didn't appreciate the sniping.


Had a few crappy calls, so sorry about that. Pretty much someone would call a bad pile and someone would call over. This is when we tried to have other people call rather than our regulars. :P


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