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Java Messed Up.

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Yea i'm not very good with computers so it may be an easy fix, I don't know.

Anyways everytime i login to my computer this pops up.


I've tried redownloading, updating java and such but when I attempt it a popup comes up in middle of download saying that the download was interupted.

Any Ideas would be helpful seeing as without Java running right I can't do much...



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-When reinstalling completely remove the program first and then try downloading the latest version.

-Navigate through the folders and delete the folder entirely so when reinstalling it would have to make a fresh installation

-Lastly, if all else fails then head to Start-> and open "Run", from there type in Regedit (to edit windows registry). From there, on the left there will be HKEY_CURRENT_USER and in the dropdown will be "Software", navigate down until you see "Javasoft" and on the folder delete the registry key. (Do not to attempt to remove anything else as it WILL cause negative effects on your computer).


And try a re-install and hopefully it works.


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