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Tip.It Times - 31st July 2011

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The brothers Gower (Andrew and Paul), along with Constant Tedder, left the board of directors in December 2010. Andrew Gower is listed in the full Jagex credits as "Principal Architect", but we have no idea how involved he is with management anymore.

At the same time, outside companies started or increased investments in Jagex (it was self-funded before). This was the same month the Wilderness and Free Trade was restored. Note also that the huge marketing campaigns started at about this time, too, as well as Runefest. Runefest started the first technically in-game purchased items with the flagpole; the GameStop ornate katanas were earlier this year.

See a pattern yet?

um go to hell and im not going to give u the standard bots are terrible because they aint they are great and if u dont like my comment that just too bad....

You are a trolling amateur and a novice debater. I mean, really, I've seen a lot better than that half-baked crap. Probably more worth your time to truck on over to 4Chan and see if you can learn some REAL trolling skills; or to go back to school and learn how to debate, rather than churn out this juvenile, lazy drivel.

I've been around the block, son; your argument is pretty weak. I was playing online games back in the near Stone Ages of the 1990s, with those Multi User Dungeons (MUDs). KEEP PAYING ATTENTION-- Runescape started out as Devious MUD, right? Lemme tell you, when those text games were saturated with clients that did bot scripting-- tintin, ZMud and all that-- it got BORING. Very, very boring. People spent more time trying to design their scripts than to actually enjoy the game... but then, the last MUD I was in-- the biggest botter was the Implementor guy (dude running the show, in other words), that was trying to basically re-do most of the game to his fancy. Y'know, like, re-write it?

I suppose the illicit private servers and all that junk comes kinda close to a comparison, but I betcha anything I'd find it just as boring-- yep, boring even with pretty graphics instead of text. Melee monsters that are frozen in place and buy anything you want? It gets hella boring eventually.

Simple point: I've seen scripting and macros cheapen games.

Your mileage may vary and you're welcome to your opinion, but man... come on... come up with something that will stand up under pressure. Or don't... and keep giving me the impression you're lazy, ignorant, and don't really care if people think you are either of those.

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Thanks to everyone (almost) who took the time to read the Times and comment this week. The comments are much appreciated.

justjuice, your input here in its current form is not welcome; you are not contributing to the any of the debates at hand, you fail to back up your points, and the way you post is spammy. Further posts in this vein will result in you being referred to a Mod.

"Imagine yourself surrounded by the most horrible cripples and maniacs it is possible to conceive, and you may understand a little of my feelings with these grotesque caricatures of humanity about me."

- H.G. Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau

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I hope you guys don't mind another bots article as I'll be writing one - it will be more about how they work (insight on reflection mainly as that's the main method nowadays, given that they're a little harder to catch than BCEL/Injection), and a solution against the 'problem' in general.

On topic: I do like Croce's article, I hope he's on tonight...

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