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Behind the Scenes - August

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What holiday is in August?

I think he was trying to tell us he is going on vacation.

Notch works for JaGex?

The bit about a holiday was posted by Mod Mark in the newspost.

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So on the upside we are most likely getting a new bow and staff from the new quest.

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Hey did anyone notice the last line of the bts?

Now, how will I fit in a holiday with all of that going on?

Do they mean a holiday as in a holiday or a holiday as in a break?

You say that as if there is a difference.
All holidays are a break from something.

Anyway what does it matter, its just typical jagex humour based around people usually summer holiday in august and theres SOOOOOO much good stuff in august bts clearly no rser would have time to go on holiday cause theyll be so busy checking it all out.

That's what I thought they meant with it. :P

I like this month. Looking forward to see how things roll out and if they are as good as they sound.

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