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Runescape Dinasty's Saturday Cup Fun

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We had two scheduled first round fights for today. F2P Combat cup and 115+Sub division. Both fights went smoothly for us and RSD ended the day 2 for 2. thumbsup.gif

Round 1 Combat cup: Runescape Dinasty VS The F2P Way @ 4 EST

RSD Starting: 84 Legends


FTW Starting: 64 future Legends

RSD Ending: 81 Legends


FTW Ending: 0

115+ Subdivision: Runscape Dinasty vs Wicked Fury @ 6 EST

RSD Starting: 94 Legends


WF Starting: 48 people

RSD Ending: 80 Legends


WF Ending: 0

Great job to every member that showed up today. Its good to be getting back into the Jagex cup atmosphere. Hopefully everyone had a good time even with a small waiting period in between the fights.


- Runescape Dinasty Applicant Manager -








MSN: [email protected]

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Nice work RSD. Good luck on your next fights. :)


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