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Runescape Dinasty -Vs- The Titans

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After we ended from a previous pk we got word that TT was about to head out for a pk so we decided to mass a rush and get ourselves a fight. The fight was even up till the end where we had a much stronger main pile than TT and maintained our pressure on their pile. After about an hour of fighting TT logged out leaving us with the victory.

[18:22] <@Bclay> RSD 139K 117D TT 113K 127D

RSD Starting: 100+ (40 on TS)



TT Starting: 120+





Runescape Dinasty:220+(73 on ts)


The Titans:0 (53 on ts)




Thanks for the Fight Titans and get good Bloodz2291.yes2.gif


- Runescape Dinasty Applicant Manager -








MSN: [email protected]

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Good stuff, RSD. :thumbup:

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