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Divine Forces vs Reign of Terror

The Observer

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#DF - Seersirc | www.rs-df.com/forums| 5-0 in uncapped PKRIS with RoT



Hey, its Big Dbruv here ready to tell you why RoT is crap. Today we had a prepped PK for all the clans who had a prep to go out, we were ready for anything and prepared to hit anyone. Which showed when we got to mossies and RSD was ready for us, we charged

RSD right away and the fight set off. For about 5 minutes the fight was properly even and set to be out a great fight, unfortunately due to the sore losers RoT are they still held a grudge and came to crash us against RSD.


We logged out, explained it to RSD and we're hoping to continue the fight soon enough & thank you for being so respective about the situation.


We hopped worlds and waited for RoT, motivated and pumped we were ready to turn horses into glue

Kill death ratio

DF K: 432 D: 229 ROT K: 230 D: 481





The fight kicked off and we had control off the start, we never let go and never was RoT able to compete. For 3 hours straight we steamrolled them and showed no mercy, K/D resembles the fight. Peaking at 100 solid DF members we had the momentum, we had the numbers and we had the motivation given by RoT I want to thank everyone in DF who showed me how far we have progressed over the last month and showed we want it more then any part of this year. Snipers destroyed, callers destroyed and binders kept us together. Thanks to everyone who did their part in DF.



















DF ending:



Rot: logged in embarrassment


Continue to crash us RoT, continue to get beat.

You wanted that rivalry? you got it.


Special shout out for TT

sincerely thanks for the AC.



Mario for getting a speeding ticket while trying to get home

Everyone that sniped, put Rot in the coffin

Our great binders




and tons more.

Preditor for going camping on a Croatian gay camping place.


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