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[Jcup 20 v 20] CR vs Envy


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Crimson Raiders vs Clan Envy



Jagex Cup 20v20 Round 1


Date: August 7th, 2011



  • 20 v 20 Matched opts Classic Map Center bounds
  • All styles
  • Rings [ON]
  • North Attacks
  • 1 sniper cap


Both clans Starting:





Crimson Raiders Ending: 17




Other-Clan Ending: 0















Thanks for the fight Envy :thumbsup:

Good luck to the rest in the competition, looking forward to the next opponent :rolleyes:


§ Crimson Raiders Veteran | skull_crossbones.gif Ex Downfall Warlord | bcouncil.gif Ex Team Vendetta Council

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Congrats on your win CR, impressive to say the least :thumbup:

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