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Sig comp - Winners on page 6!!!


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I've finally decided to change my current sig, which although I do like, is just getting a bit old. (Made by IDPUP - I reckon its awesome!) I am looking for a sig of ALL sigs that I will permanently keep forever how long I remain on these boards.








Warning - I can be very picky, especially since I want this latest sig to beat the one below but yet be 'different' - in an original way. No pixel sigs to start with. I don't want any sigs with bg's you can pick up from any old tutorial either. I don't like too techno or grunge either :) Feel free to experiment.








What I am looking for - and I'm not too sure about this so be very creative and original - is either a real nice landscape that inspires me (example here but not necessarily like this) or an original background that is not seen in every other sig.








Tha main idea is to inspire creativity - no plain renders or photoshop filter effects etc please. Only req's are 'Eeeeediot' in rather large text and 'Tip.It Crew' in smaller text. Positioning of these is upto you to fit in with the bg. Upto 250k to the winner (if entries are to my liking) and good luck people!








edit - pm me for my ICQ/MSN/YIM if u wanna talk more.

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Im so in on this. :D








Ok, heres one entry. Nothing special, but i'll add to it if you like.
















Also, a question. What BG are you looking for? Sharp? Soft? Hard? Mirror?




Id help to make the sig of ALL sigs. :wink:








:twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:

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Heres my shot. I'm not sure what kind of colors you want so i chose a firey style :P It can always be changed :P








i wasn't sure on the font either :P
















hope you like.

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ooo 'You have entries'... hehehe. Here we go:








Firestorm 1st try - too plain sorry, can't really see buying anything developed from this either. Thanks for trying and I'm sure it would've won some other sig contest but I have (as I hope my tip.it work shows) high standards.








Nadril - Definetly caught my interest which is a hard thing to do might I add. I'm not particularly fond of 300*150 so if you could try 300*120 or even 300*100 I'd be grateful. Not really liking the firey colours either, so if you could play around with giving the whole thing a more dark purply look. If you've seen my website you would know I like purple hehe.








Kingrazo - awaiting landscape entry. :P








Goku20170 - awaiting entry.








IDPUP - awaiting entry. :P








eissob - Different; I'm intrigued. Don't like the font I'm afraid. Nor the repeating pattern thing along the bottom. Play with it some more to see what you can come up with.








DruNKeN_T - awaiting entry.








chillout_dog - looks like a photo with text on top. NOT what I was looking for - sorry. Thanks for trying.








grandma_twinki - awaiting landscape entry. :)








Firestorm 2nd try - I'm not a fan of 'linework' at all - sorry. :(








Firestorm 3rd try - Intrigued this time. Need to change the text and work more detail into the actual landscape. Also it is rather a typical sunset so on the other hand it might not win as I'm looking for 'originality'.








Molishist - Sorry not my style at all. Different yes, but a bit too different. Thanks for trying.








runescapeownage - Thanks for trying but I don't like it. I am looking for the sig of al sigs so the fact that you are new at making sigs won't give much chance of success - thanks for trying again.








Thanks a lot people - really looking forward to seeing more work :D

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Hint to all: He likes maps ;)








Compasses, sextants, globes and maps in general are the ideas i'd give to anyone who wants them :P








Indeed i do like them - but actually DON'T want them in the sig at all. He's good with Jeppe's taste, not mine :P lol.

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allright i made some adjustments hope you like them:








This is the old version:
















New Version:
















( havent put the finishing touch to it, some things or still wrong)

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