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2 years of True Ownage!


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2 Years of True Ownage!


For those who don't know us, True Ownage is a small CWA-based clan which was opened on 11th August 2009, and today we celebrate our 2nd Birthday. Our clan goals are to have fun, make friendship, fight with honour and respect and to also achieve victory. I don't want to waffle about my clan all day, so if you'd like to know anything more about us then feel free to join our IRC Channel (#t0 @ SwiftIRC).


So today we celebrate our 2nd Birthday, to what has been a rough and turbulent year which has equally been very rewarding in my eyes. At times this year we were struggling, pulling 15 people to prepped wars. We've had High Ranks step down, or leave, but thankfully Warria06 and I each found time to come back and pour energy into the clan which helped keep us strong and make us stronger.


However the rewarding part for us is we can take pride in how we war, and how we're able to perform. Over the past year we've fought and beat some of the Top CWA Clans/Teams there is for us to fight; Dutch Generation, Clan Europe, Silent Ember to name a few. We can take pride in the fact people respect us because of our clan motiv's, we can take pride in how we've stuck together and created one of the most heart-warming communities there is in the clan world, whilst we've all made friendships that have potential to last a lifetime. We've come a long way, from becoming #1 on the TWR, to getting to the latter stages of the RSC 'CJ' Tournament (20v20) and being knocked out by our new-loved allies Dutch Generation, and going from having a 117 F2P Combat Average to now having a 124 F2P Combat Average. And there's still so much to achieve!


It's been an amazing year overall, and although there will be Shoutouts to people at the bottom I'd just like to say thank you to all the current True Ownage members and all the former True Ownage members for helping to create this clan and make it what it is. :wub:


Some pictures for people who're interested in seeing them:


Our First Ever War:





1st Anniversary Party:






True Ownage 2010 Halloween Party (caution - large image):





Early 2011 Warring:





True Ownage GWD:






True Generation (TO + DG) v Sorrow of Knights - PVP:






More PVP:






Outnumbered but never outgunned:














And our most recent Jagex Cup 20v20 wars against Rune Raiders (97% of the active memberlist pulled) and TRWF respectively:







I could upload so many more pictures but I'll leave it here for now as there's a few shoutouts I'd like to give.




  • True Ownage Staff for being some of the most dedicated Staff I've ever seen or heard of, I'm proud of you!
  • Both current and former members of True Ownage, we wouldn't be here without you.
  • A clan who's always looked out for us and cheered us on, known as Downfall. We may not 'officially' be allies but the friendship between our clans will always be there!
  • Dutch Generation for becoming amazing allies, we love teaming with you and we hope it can continue long into the future!
  • Everyone who has been rooting from us from the sidelines, too many names to possibly make a list with but we appreciate every bit of your support.


Looking forward to the upcoming year! Enjoy today TO. :wub:


- Jack

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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'Eyyyy, I see myself in there <3:


Happy Birthday, T0. :thumbsup: I'm proud to have been part of this clan. Great community and organization. Two years of ownage and many more to go. :P



Retired on: June 30, 2010

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