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Where to train my relatively low melee skills?


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Title says it all really. My combat level is ranged-based, but I need to get up some of my melee levels. At the moment I have the following melee stats:


-60 attack

-56 strength

-70 defence

-74 constitution


My goals are 70 attack (Abyssal whip and Barrows melee weapons) and 60 strength (access to the God Wars dungeon). At the moment I'm training on the Undead Ones outside Shilo, using a Salve Amulet (e) and Brackish Blade, along with combat potions I had left over from my herblore training. I've considered going back to using slayer to train with melee (I melee'd my Mazchna tasks to get my full slayer helmet), but that would mean I'd probably have to drop back to Vanneka or even Mazchna. Should I just keep killing Undead Ones, or are there better ways to train melee with my levels, either with or without slayer?

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Get void, use that with salve (e). Besides that use a ddef or barrows gloves if you have a deflector, a berserker ring, dragon boots, and a fire cape/ardy cape. Use super sets instead of combat potions, pray your highest str boosting prayer at all times, and train on armoured zombies or zombie skeletons on ape atoll.

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Slayer is great when you're using a black mask/slayer mask. I mean, really good, because you can do it for ages and not feel like you're grinding.


With that said, Zombie Monkeys under Ape Atoll temple are great for training.


Finally, you'll probably want 70 strength at some point to get into Bandos. For masses and the like.

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smoking kills asap, best master you can use.


and blackmask/slay helm


In the original post he states that he has the Slayer Helm already.


I'd recommend that you either continue what you are doing in the best gear for that area you can equip, or do Slayer, even if you have to go to a lower Slayer Master for the moment, it'll be worth it. Plus, doing Slayer means you can get more points and such, which always come in handy.


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Slayer is best enjoyed with a whip and barrows gear, I would wait with that and stick to killing undead. You can also train melee in pest control, to get void. It's not the fastest xp but certainly worthwhile.

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