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Advice for starting out pking. (set up and weapon choice)

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I am just starting out after getting the levels i want. i will be using range with veng. Im thinking of barrows armour with rune cbow but not entirely sure. Im curious if you think i should get any more levels before i start. Whats a good ko weapon for range as well. i have yet to get the handcannon. also let me know if the stats will be any good for pking in members. Thank you!!

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Here's a pretty good setup for range tanks. You can replace any part with anything you want depending on what you want to risk.


Helm: neit/rune full

Ammy: power ammy

Weapon: msb/handcannon

Gloves: barrows

Legs: karil's/rune legs or skirt


For a spec weapon the only 1 handed weapons are morrigan's axe and jav. They are much more expensive than they used to be. I don't see many people using them to pk anymore, just for staking. You can bring a dark bow or msb to spec with but remember to equip you shield back after speccing. Also if you get Zanik's cbow you can use that too but I don't see many people using that because the best bolts it can use is addy so that means you have to bring addy bolts too in your inventory. Speccing with a handcannon is not really that great because it takes so long to activate and your opponent will probably safe when they see you activate the spec.


You have good stats for a range tank. Your def is fine, but if you get tired of fighting in the lvl 94 bracket you can either increase your def to 75/80+ or increase your pray to 52/74/92/99. At 75 def you can use a dfs if you don't skull. If you do skull, you will lose the dfs if you die.

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