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Poison vs Exodus


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A week ago I set up a fight with Exodus for a 90 min pkri with dg and corr on for all styles.



Poison Starting: 78 opts~ (Minus 2 randomers in our pile

Exodus Starting: 54-57 opts~



First off, props to Exodus for doing a good job with the disadvantages they had. We sent snipers off the bat after our first few piles. Exodus sent a ton of bait tanks towards us that let Exodus maintain their opts fairly well, enough to fight back on and off. At the same time, both clans were busy clearing crashers from members of Exalt and Ancient Fury. The first hour we performed better in my opinion, however we started losing a few people and losing some important styles to our ko power. The last half hour was a bit quiet, clearing crashers and hitting Exodus Snipers + Random stragglers as they regrouped at east tree. Towards the end of the cap Dakota pm'd me and said:


[18:30] <dak0ta> were done

[18:30] <Venomous> alright gf, sorry but we tried our best with clearing crashers

[18:30] <dak0ta> not because u but not help with snipers, just too many as i said

[18:31] <dak0ta> i know

[18:31] <dak0ta> ty for the fight


dak0ta is [email protected] * dak0ta

dak0ta on +#valiant @#Exodus @#dcsacag

dak0ta using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

dak0ta has identified for this nick

dak0ta has been idle 2mins, signed on Sun Aug 14 12:07:51

dak0ta End of /WHOIS list.




Poison Ending: 72 opts (Minus the randomer in our pile)

Exodus Ending: Logged out




I'd like to thank Exodus for the fight, hopefully we can do a rematch without all these crashers. A few rules were broken, like bounds. Lastly, thanks for the AC Gladz/PH/ETC.


Pictures of the fight + us clearing crashers, incase you say we didn't clear any, we only piled your members back if they continued to snipe us while we were trying to help clear randomers.

















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