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Elemental Workshop 3 Help

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I'm very close to solving the last step of the puzzle, but, after following rs wikia's quest guide, I end up with something looking like this:



How do I go about solving it from here? (Or shall I just reset and try anew? If so, what guide should I use to get me through this last bit? =s)


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Tip.it guide = pwnage for this quest.


But anyway judging by that picture you've got the centre down and now need it to spin right?


So A - F are top to bottom at sides.

1 - 7 left to right



4, B to charge the pillar.


C, 3 to raise it again.


4, 3, 4, B, C, 3 will act to drop, charge and raise the pillar again for quick recharge for 2nd+ bar


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