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Crafting 90-99


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Hey all, im just wondering what the fastest way and the most cost efficient ways to 99 craft are.


At the moment i have been training with black dhide bodys because they were fast to buy and make. I have lost quite a bit from these so im looking to change. Probs back to green bodys.


I do my daily air b staffs but was wondering if there was a better option for me?


I have 75m cash to use on this, it would be nice to have some change as im also in the process of buying 99 cons.



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Unless you're in a hurry, you could buy battlestaffs from the GE and do it over time.


You can buy 600 from ge + how ever many you can buy from Zaff each day. This really adds up.


Also, make sure to do you assists (at 90 you can boost to 93) every day.



If you just want it fast, then I guess green or blue d'hide bodies is an option. Green aren't too much more expensive than air staffs atm. Black d'hide bodies cost almost 4 times as much per xp compared to greens/air staffs.

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Yeh, Im kinda rushing to get it done before the dxpw is anounced. Then i can buy lots more planks for cons :P


So you surgest green / blue hide bodys?


I have done varrock elite so im getting 80 bstaffs per day. :D

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I would recommend doing mostly green d-hide bodies and battle-staves for secondary xp. If your short on cash you could always play non-combat sc for needles.


26M Crafting XP

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Cutting emeralds is decent/good xp, depending on prices it may be on par with blue dragonhide bodies. Higher gems are faster and more expensive.

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