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~ The Druids of Gielinor ~

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the clan thread for The Druids of Gielinor! We are a mid- to high-level Clan that plays to all aspects of the game. We are also available to both f2p, as well as p2p, with as many events for each as possible. If you are interested in joining our Clan, becoming an ally/rival, or just want to look around, feel free to chat on this thread, PM any of our Founders, or head over to our Clan Homepage where you'll find all of our information in the public forums.


We hope to hear from you soon!



~ Application to join The Druids of Gielinor ~



RuneScape Name:

Membership Status (F2P/P2P):


Total Level:

Combat Level f2p/p2p:

Quest Point Total:


How often do you play?:

What days are you most active?:

What do you do most when you play?:

Would you participate in Clan events and parties?:

How committed to the Clan are you? Would you like to help organize events?


Anything else we should know about you?:


More questions may be added as time goes on and the Clan grows, so make sure your application is up to date when you submit it.


You can post in our Clan thread on the RuneScape Official Forums (QFC: 93-94-162-63108401), or in our Clan forum in the Public thread.


~Roses Fire~

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