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Expatriates - Themed Community Clan

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Exiled in few. United in many.




Our Story So Far...


Many years ago, the Baldur Family of the Fremennik Province - under the command of Mord Baldur and his four sons - set out on the Runecrafting Crusades to wage war on Misthalin and the users of the Rune Stones.


As time passed on, the Fremennik Armies grew weak and their supplies diminished, and they were forced to settle in what is known as Gunnarsgrunn. They no longer had the strength to fight, and were enslaved by the Misthalanian government under the Treaty of Misthalin.


For many winters, the Baldur Family worked under this treaty and for the Kingdom of Misthalin, protecting the lands that they had once set out to conquer. But they were not at home. They were Expatriates.


Days went by - and then months, years, decades - The Baldur Family began to grow in power, regaining the strength that they once had. The people that were once slaves to the Kingdom, had now become Misthalin's greatest strength.


At the blink of an eye, the four direct descendants of the four sons of Mord Baldur had finally been brought together. The Baldur Family had become enraged at the sight of the way they were kept under the Treaty of Misthalin, and they vowed to break the treaty, return home, and some day finish what they had started.


Will you join us as Expatriates, to restore the Baldur Family and the Fremennik Armies back to their former glory? Will you join us to once again wage war?










Clan Summary


We are a Themed Community Clan with a backstory that fits into Official RuneScape Lore. This connection with the land and characters already in place serves to enhance our gameplay experience. We plan to expand and develop a deeper storyline with the help of our members. We encourage people to develop their own character stories, and they can contribute to expanding Clan Lore as much or as little as they wish.


We shall be hosting a variety of regular events, and although we are currently small, we intend to grow to a good sized clan. We are a mixed bunch and you should find there is something for everyone, from RP/IC events, boss hunting and activities to skilling competitions, Penguin tours and Official Clan Meetings to keep up-to-date with whats happening in the clan.


We have a citadel and will be running regular upkeep events for it. Members are reminded to help out each week so we can expand our castle in the sky.


We don't tolerate disrespect to other members and although swearing is allowed in the clan chat and forums, excessive use of bad language, or abuse of other members is not permitted. For this reason we have also designated politics and religion as banned subjects in the clan chat and forum as these can often lead to arguments.


You are welcome to be laid back and enjoy yourself, but not at the expense of someone elses feelings. As a general rule: Obey Wheaton's Law.




Clan Requirements


1000+ Total Level


This is our only requirement for the moment.





Information and Facilities


Clan Citadel - Currently Tier 1 (we are a new clan).

P2P Homeworld Based - World 68.

RuneScape Clan Page - Check out our Official Clan Page for our members and statistics.

Offsite Forum - Clan Boards that include an Events Calendar, Gallery and our growing Library of Clan Lore.

Voicechat Server - Our forum comes with it's own integrated Mumble voicechat server.





How To Apply


Pop into our Clan Chat - Expatriates - and talk to us. If we get along just peachy and you meet our requirements we will add you to the clan as soon as you can meet with us in game. Registering on the offsite forum isn't a requirement, but you may wish to do so to take advantage of our voicechat facility and have easy access to other clan information, such as the developing Lore.


We also accept Clan Friend applications on our forums, and anyone can join our clan chat to 'try-before-you-buy', just in case you want to shop around before you settle on a clan.





Final Words


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you find yourself to be an Expatriate.

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