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Most efficient way of raising Herblore from 80-90


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I'm planning to raise my Herblore level from 80 to 90.


I'm not looking for the cheapest way per se, nor am i looking for the absolute fastest yet incredibly expensive way. I wouldn't mind spending 10-15M on it for example.


So basically, I'm looking for something inbetween. Right now, I'm deciding between Prayer pots which are the cheapest way and Ranging pots which seems like a fairly fast way.


What are your suggestions?

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I personally bought the dungeoneering reward and did saradomin brews. When the scroll activated I saved a crushed nest which was approx 2/3 of a potion. Saradomin brews should be faster than creating ranging potions and they sell well. They're probably not the most efficient route but the expereince/hr was good, The potions sold quickly, and I was left with an excess of crushed nests (which were at the time nearly 10k ea)

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If you'll be using overloads a lot, make overloads ingredients to 90, mainly extreme attack, strength and ranged, but also defence and magic in smaller amounts. Superantifires and special recover are quite useful as well.


I'd say, something like 1200 magic potions, then 4200 brews (level 84).


Then 1000 recover special and 500 superantifire (the latter with ales)(level 85).


Now stew for extremes: 2000 each of extreme attack, strength and ranged, and 1500 each of extreme magic and defence. That gets you level 90.


When you want to get overloads, make another 500 of each extreme. Then get a +5 stew and make (up to) 2000 overloads. That gets you 94 straight away.

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