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Gojeta 5 has returned!


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  1. 1. What would be the best/fastest way to make money at my levels/gear? (please reply with reason)

    • Slayer
    • Barrows
    • Dagannoth Kings
    • God Wars Dungeon
    • Other (please comment and explain)

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Got 71 Farming last night!


Also decided to do a couple of quests. Completed Spirit of Summer and Summer's End. Summer's End was a pain in the butt! Died twice. Thankfully I only lost sharks. Also, got 67 Prayer after completing Summer's End! Will upload the pics later tonight.


Only 25 more quests to go! I am able to do 10 of them now. Should be able to do all but about 3 of them once all is said and done if I don't gain any levels.

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Here are the pics from the other day:


[spoiler=71 Farming]





[spoiler=Spirit of Summer]





[spoiler=Summer's End]





[spoiler=67 Prayer]





And here is what I did today!


[spoiler=53 Dungeoneering]





[spoiler=70 Herblore]





I only have 500 more Super Attack potions to make until I have made all 4K! Then it is on to Super Strength potions. Will try to get the last 500 Super Attack potions done tomorrow as well as some Construction levels.

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Got some nice levels today! First, I got this:


[spoiler=71 Herblore (10/10/2011)]





[spoiler=Alos finished making my 4K Super Attack Potions]





Then I went to do some construction and couldn't stop:


[spoiler=61 Construction (10/10/2011)]





[spoiler=62 Construction (10/10/2011)]





[spoiler=63 Construction (10/10/2011)]





[spoiler=64 Construction (10/10/2011)]





[spoiler=65 Construction (10/10/2011)]





Hopefully I can keep this pace up.

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Haven't done much playing recently. It seems like I am getting bored with the game again. I have very little money left (about 600K) and I am having no luck with drops. No good slayer drops, 1 Barrows item in like 50-60 trips (Torags Legs :(), Barrows trips seem too slow, no good clue rewards, and all the quests I have left to do seem really long and boring. Training Herblore and Construction is slow and boring.


I need some encouragement to keep going. I need to know what I am doing wrong. How can I make money if I keep getting crappy drops? How can I speed up Barrows trips or slayer tasks (I do not have a slayer helmet)?

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You could cannon slayer tasks.... Don't give up, you'll regret it when you come back.


Cannon balls are kinda expensive and judging by my lack of drops I don't think that I would be able to Cannon for too long. I could be wrong, though, so I may try it out sometime soon.


Don't worry, I am not planning on quitting yet. Just getting a little discouraged with the game as of late. Hopefully things turn around for me and I start getting extremely lucky.

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