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l::l The Ultimate Citadel l::l

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Are you looking for a fun, chilled clan? Are you looking for a clan with friendly people? Do you want to help build an ultimate citadel?




The Ultimate Citadel, is a fu, friendly clan. And we have an aim, to build an ultimate citadel. Hence the name.


If you would like to join, visit our clan chat : The Ultimate Citadel, and ask anyone in there to recruit you.


We have a full, detailed thread at the QFC : 93-94-501-63041241


We really hope you join.




x S ii N z, Founder of The Ultimate Citadel.

Join The Ultimate Citadel : 93-94-501-63041241

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Nice thread :thumbsup:


Thanks :rolleyes:

Get a better sig like mine...





Click here to go to School & Chat; An awsome forum!


Budding RuneScape Woodcutter | Budding I.R.C Expert | Former Whitewater Police Department Member (Wall Of Fame)


CO2 is bad, and so are bots.


99 Firemaking! 14/03

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