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Ok so the new rc robes came out and well they are 15k a piece which seems like it would take forever in normal games. I saved up 33k tokens and only need 27k and do not want to spend 20 mins just to get less than 500


Is there any chat i can join where i can get 500+ tokens a game? similar to the non combat worlds for stealing creation

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Longest surviving 50-50 is currently the chat Gop Addict, the P2P chat is Gop Addict 2.




I'm also interested in playing 50/50 GOP-games, but need your clarification on two points:


1. Is the chat: gop_Addict_2


2. in which world do they play ?


I hope ypu'll be so kind as to answer eventhough seems obvious to you.


Thank you in advance.

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