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Best boss to hunt for cash


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Just wondering what a few decent money making bosses would be, with my stats.


Ranged is 50k away from 94 so if it involves ranging a boss that could be a factor, I can work on 99 if neccesary.


I am also going to be doing herblore on bxpw although I only have enough cash to buy supplies for 85 but I'll be happy with extremes for now. I was thinking of making sup str, is that the best I can do with a budget of ~25m to lose?


My chaotics atm are rapier, staff, and maul. 100k tokens saved aswell.


I've been working on wgs lately, but with my stats and low claw prices I'm worried tds may not be as good as some other alternatives.


I have 46m cash currently and another ~60m in items, mostly related to pking (another thing I enjoy).


I will not be raising my defence level past 75 for some time.


Don't know what else to include here, any questions for me just ask.


What boss should I hunt for money is basically what I am asking.





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with your stats, it looks like you won't be able to do bandos without being crashed easily.


I would suggest you go to dragons (green/blue/black) and kill them for hides + bones.

With BXP weekend coming up, prices on hides are shooting up so this would be a great time to do that.


You don't have high defense nor overloads so bossing might be a problem

Not to mention your lack of a yak

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well you dont have extremes so not many of the bosses are that great of money, your defence levels hinder your ability also.

id say stick to lower bosses (kbd, mole (better then youd think), ele, bandos(but youll get crashed )

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I find that my defence level is actually a lot less of a problem than most people think it would be as long as I'm soul split flashing fairly often. Lower bosses bore me too much to actually do them for money and most of them are like 1m per hour if you're lucky. Also, I will be getting extremes soon.


Thanks for the replies but I'm still looking for more information on whether tds are viable or not and if not then what could I try instead. I don't care if I have to learn difficult tactics to fight bosses as long as they give better drops.



I will also have 88 summoning soon as I'm barraging rock lobsters to 99 magic.

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At tds you can survive on titan + eee specials (and ss flashing) but it's not comfortable at all. I'd recommend training range on something that drops charms, perhaps chinning nechryael (need 80 slayer) or cannoning kalphites. At 88 summoning you'll be able to do dks and tds at around 1-2m/hr.


Bottom line is: safing with fish costs attack turns and you can't carry a lot. Safing with brews nukes your stats without overloads. Bosses suck without boosted stats. Get another way to heal (unicorn) or another way to boost your stats (overload).

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