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Exp Rates on Fishing Trawler


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Because I really can't stand fishing the conventional way to 80 fishing, I'm investigating other options. One of those is Fishing Trawler.


My question is what the exp/hour rates are and if there is a special group or world to do it.



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According to RW you *can* reach up to 350k/hour at 81+ with max efficiency (good teams, quick turn around etc) at Trawler. Either try the theme world (116) or get a bunch of friends together.


I found fish flingers to be a decent way to get xp. 10 games/week can get you up to 180k xp (dependent on level and getting all fish etc). I used a clan for that ("Fish Flingers" based on w89) as when they are actively doing games, they work as a team to get combos faster, improving chance of max xp


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I would assume that the 0 is a mistake and he meant 35k/hour, if it was 350k everyone would train fishing that way.

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