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Solo Armadyl Setup/Inventory

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I decided to go Solo Armadyl recently to help get some lucky cash here and there and was wondering the best setup and inventory to use:


I am

-Maxed Melees

-Mage, Range



I have


-Chaotic Crossbow

-Eagle Eye Kiteshield

-Full Armadyl, Verac's Helm









99 Hits, Attack, Strength, Defence, Mage, Summoning, Slayer, Ranged, 96/99 Prayer

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i would say arma helm because of the higher magic defence and range attack. i havent tried this since im only 96 summoning but i heard that u can spam steel titan specs for kc and it will drastically speed up your kc so that you can get more kills/hour(and then summon uni when u get to kree). also remember to bring eee with you to negate the overload. lastly, use onyx(i) for most of the kill and then switch to row at the end of the kill.

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