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Ventrilo on Linux


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I've been trying to get Ventrilo working seamlessly with my Ubuntu build. Unfortunately, since the program is currently still under development for Linux systems, I've been forced to run it through Wine. Vent runs fine, but problems arise in regards to transmission delay.


I have configured Wine to use the ALSA drivers from my computer within the Windows emulation, and I hear all sound normally when I run other software on the emulator. However, vent defaults output and input drivers to DirectSound (which is a interface for Windows...) so I have to untick the "Use DirectSound" boxes to be able to hear what anybody is saying or to actually talk to anybody. I then change the drop down selections to "default" since Wine already has the audio all worked out for me and then I can hear and talk fine.


The issue is that Ventrilo has been known to be somewhat clunky without DS and it was clear from a few shots at dungeoneering with my setup that I was receiving a delay of at least 3 seconds. Additionally, I seem to be the only person who experiences choppy transmission and cutting out of people's voices.


Does anybody have any potential solutions/fixes for correcting this lag? I'm willing to look into methods outside of just playing with Vent by the way (for instance, is there a possibility of installing something to emulate DirectSound?).

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I know this probably isn't what you want but...


Mumble is better than ventrilo, its free and has a [cabbage] TON of free public servers.

Seriously there are hundreds of public servers with <10 / 500 etc people in them.


Normally you can ask a mod of the server and you will be able to get your own password protected channel.


(Nadril can attest to all points)







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Im looking for some No Limit soldiers!

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Thanks, yeah I've tried Mumble before and it's not bad. Unfortunately, I'm only trying to get Vent working for the sake of being able to communicate with my clan :/ Since they've already got a server set up and everybody else has it running fine, it wouldn't make sense for them to switch over just because of me.

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Mangler might be worth a look, although I don't know much more about the project than you can find on their site.

You've probably already had a look at the WINE AppDB entry for Ventrilo. It may be worth installing a version of WINE which has been listed as working well, if you have trouble with the one in the official repository.


What sound system is WINE using? (ALSA, PulseAudio, OSS) Which version of WINE are you using? (`wine --version`)


WINE is using ALSA, and it is version 1.2.2. I've seen the appdb entry, but I'll give Mangler a try. Thanks!


EDIT: Just tried out Mangler, it seems to work quite nicely. Now I just need to wait for a clanmate to pop online so I can test the lag. Thanks again Nyo :)

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