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Runescape Dinasty Vs Infliction

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IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat




Runescape Dinasty -Vs- Infliction





After our J-Cup fight Daniel156 made a p2p pk trip and we went out with 10 people. On our first world we ran into IF who were at gap and fought back for a few minutes. I got in contact with one of their officials and agreed to hop worlds and restart at Gdz with only 2 rules:

Single Spells






RSD Starting: 15 People



Infliction Starting: 22 People


Once IFset up at Greater Demons we went in and rushed them. At first IF had the upper hand over us as they outnumbered us. 60 minutes into the fight both sides were gaining and Rsd was getting the upperhand. If then moved to East tree where the fight continued for another 30 minutes before IFcalling it off leaving Rsd Victorious.


RSD Ending: 129 Options



IF Ending:0 (Logged Out)


Aside from the worlds being laggy and at times hard to log in, it was really fun. Thanks for the fight Infliction!







World Lagg


- Runescape Dinasty Applicant Manager -








MSN: [email protected]

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Grats RSD, always nice to have a variety of events from time to time. :)


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nice p2p war! looks like you had fun!

you are doing great lately RSD!!! :D


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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