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[VIDEO] How to Down Max Brids from Brewed Health


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This guide will show you how to down max risking brids, even when they are eating to 1100+ HP. The requirements are fairly hefty, but so are the rewards.



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I do this but instead of darkbow we use dclaws. My friend will attack them with a teleblock followed by MSB and no other gear until they get annoyed and protect from range, then at the right time he'll cast vengeance and stop attacking, i come in and usually take them out in 1 spec, often they will not be fast enough to protect melee on the second spec either. I remember making 60m EACH in one night with about 4 claws, bcp, tassets, a few SoLS and a lot of dharoks sets/whips, we really need to do that more often :)


The main reason we didn't do it at maxed brid places such as mage bank is because i obviously didn't want to die for claws, but losing a dark bow is nothing.


Dark bow is an interesting choice and i'd definatley use it if my range level wasn't so god awful.


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