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Downfall Turns 3


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Lil late but was disappointed this wasnt posted here since Downfall was pretty active here, anyways heres the topic ralph wrote for us.




Downfall's 3rd Birthday!


Full Topic|History| YouTube|#downfall[/p]




The above is to listen to while reading the topic.


[p]The Last 3 Years[/p]


3 years ago, on this day, a clan named Downfall was born; and today we proudly celebrate the third birthday of our magnificent clan! For those of you who don't know us, Downfall was formed August 29th of 2008, and began as a 75+ CWA warring clan born out of W141. While a lot of people laugh at such a thing, we know where we came from and we aren't ashamed of it. Over the past 3 years, Downfall has grown from that simple 75+ warring clan to the clan we are today, an active competitor in the top 10-20 range, and one of the best communities in the clan world.


In 3 short years, Downfall has evolved from that 75+ warring clan slowly and gradually, at first by simply raising our combat requirements, and later by taking larger steps into emerging as a top 20 clan. Just over a year ago, Downfall began warring in the wilderness and extending it's warring horizons to include PKRI's. In 1 short year Downfall has become not only a formidable force in the wilderness, but has climbed ranks to become one of the strongest mid-sized clans in the clan world today.


[p]The Present[/p]


Back to the present, today Downfall celebrates it's third year of active warring, living, and community. The past year has probably been Downfall's finest in terms of improvement in warring capabilities and community as well. Downfall began with a core of maybe 10-15 members, our core member base now consists of over 45 members, including dozens of members who have never quit our clan. That speaks for our community in itself, and our community is something that Downfall has prided itself on since the first day it we were founded.


Most of this text is probably boring if you aren't in Downfall, and own't be read, so here are some screenshots of Downfall's past 3 years, in a nutshell, for you to enjoy. Some shout-outs will be at the bottom to thank all of our friends, and the clans who helped us get to where we are today.



[p]3 Years of Media in a Nutshell[/p]


Please be aware that there are a lot of screenshots in the spoilers, so be warned before you click.



Cool/Fun Screenshots























Downfall vs Legendz (First Rivalry) Media








Downfall vs Divine Vindicators (Third Rivalry) Media











Downfall vs BlacKnights (First PvP Rivalry)














Downfall vs Envy (Second PvP Rivalry)




Downfall vs Rune Raiders (Most Recent Rivalry)







[p]4Head Studios & Records[/p]


So much more to add, but not enough time or space, nor will anyone look at it all, but all in all the last 3 years Downfall has grown into a family, with well over 15 members that have stayed from the first 3 months of us opening. I wanted to separate the following videos because they are by far the most entertaining. If you are mentioned in any of the below videos, our beef with you is over, these were purely for pump up and fun purposes. If any of you decide to watch any videos, watch the below, it's worth it.




[p]A Brief History of Downfall[/p]


It's been mentioned, it's been asked, but exactly how Downfall was formed is still a fairly mysterious subject to many people to say the least. Lacking a history topic of our own, the only history that is passed down in Downfall is passed from the older members to the newer generation, changing in the telling every time. Please be fore warned, the history of Downfall's formation is quite a bit more exciting than your average history class.


OK seriously now, 3 years ago there was a clan called Knock-Out Unit; KO-Unit for short. As you can probably imagine, KO Unit was a clan born straight out of 141, with a staggering 70+ combat admission requirement. In this clan, the original founders of Downfall came together. One fateful day, a member was elected to become a warlord of KO, without the admission of the majority of officials. Fearing that the leader of KO Unit was just doing what he himself wanted instead of what was best for the clan, three members of KO Unit decided to form a new clan- Downfall. Downfall was originally named to be spiteful to KO Unit, implying that we had become their Downfall, and that they were on the Downfall because of us. Those 3 members, along with 10 or 15 more who decided to quit KO Unit for Downfall, were the original clan. A 75+ combat requirement, a free-web forum (that sadly isn't hosted any longer,) and a clan chat, and we were already thriving.


Downfall spent it's first year training, raising it's standards, and learning to truly maneuver and fight other clans. Our first year led us to 100+ combat requirements (we trained at a very rapid pace,) along with some other requirements that the officials felt necessary. After perfecting it's warring techniques, Downfall began to recruit, grow, and rise.


Downfall's second year, and the year the wilderness was re-introduced (those PvP worlds,) was much more exciting. After joining TWR, (the Tip.It war list,) Downfall found many new challenging opponents. 5-6 months later, Downfall was at the top of the war list, and had outclassed and outlived clans that we had huge rivalries with, such as Tempted Killers and Divine Vindicators. Some we beat so hard that to this day, many people hold grudges against Downfall (Mago_Nero8 lol.) Downfall eventually decided that warring on Tip.It was becoming too easy, so we moved on to Runescape Community.


Downfall's third year, from June 2010 until now, was spent fighting in the wilderness and improving drastically as a clan. Downfall went from fighting clans like Poison (our first PKRI, which we lost,) to fighting clans like Corruption. Never once has Downfall stopped moving forwards, or stopped trying our best to further ourselves and better ourselves in terms of warring, and improving our community bonds. In one short year, Downfall has made massive progress.


So that's the brief history, from August 29th, 2008, to today, August 29th, 2011. 3 years that have been one hell of a ride.



[p]Our Third Birthday Rap, The Best 4Head Studio Production Yet[/p]



A tribute video for Downfall's Third Birthday. I hope I can ask you to take 13 minutes of your time to watch this, so you can enjoy our last year of warring as much as we did.





Lastly, the shout-outs I promised at the beginning;


  • Downfall Staff & Downfall members, for sticking with Downfall through the thick and thin, and being willing to learn and expand our horizons as a clan over the years. Downfall would not be the family it is without each and every one of you.
  • Jc|Jack and the wonderful clan True 0wnage, for (although not officially) being great friends over the past 2 years and for our friendship still enduring through both the good times and the bad times.
  • Every clan who we have ever had a rivalry with, to list them off here goes;
    • Legendz, Tempted Killers, and Divine Vindicators- for fueling us to succeed in our early days.
    • Gladiatorz, BlacKnights, Envy, and Pure Hatred- for helping us grow more active in the wilderness (even though it required excessive flaming) and helping us become the clan we are today.
    • Rune Raiders- for helping us reach prove to ourselves the potential we have, and began our road to grow even further.

    [*]Everyone who has ever cheered us on, watched us, or supported us for the past three years. Also, anyone who has hung around our forums, IRC, or TeamSpeak, and hung around our community. We really do appreciate it!


Cheers Downfall, here's to another 3!





Been a wonderful time in Downfall and I'm proud to have been apart of this clans past year.


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