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Clan Europe -vs- Silent Ember

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Clan Europe -vs- Silent Ember



We had no wars planned this week and hadn't fought SE for a while so with the help of Jelle and Khalid I approached Tika.


  • Matched Ops x3,
  • Turrets - Center Bounds x3
  • Ring Charging IS Allowed,
  • Dungeoneering IS Allowed in R2 and R3,
  • Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed,
  • North Attacks x3.


With all 3 of the different maintstream wars we knew SE was gonna be tough to beat.



Round 1: All Styles

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 99 (cut from 105)

SE Starting Ops: 99


We started fairly strongly and gradually opened up a 4ish man lead. In the latter parts of the war, SE started to claw it back. Luckily the gap we'd made earlier was too big to overcome and SE left CC.


CE Ending Kills: 63

SE Ending Kills: 0










Matched: Melee Binds & Range

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 102 (cut from 108)

SE Starting Ops: 102


We spawned North again and rushed SE's DD. Both clans started fairly evenly until our massive KO power kicked in and we started KOing a lot of SE's members giving us a strong ending.


CE Ending Ops: 75

SE Ending Ops: 0











Matched: Melee Binds

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 108

SE Starting Ops: 108 (cut from 114)


Both sides had similar levels and amounts of DG.

We dropped our first pile a lot quicker than SE who got tanked for a fair while. From there it was neck and neck until G0ld unfortunately DCed and SE got an easy kill putting us one man behind. However with specfic use of snipers we managed to kill off the binders who had little food and prayer, in addition to a KO in robes, giving us a 3 man lead at 19-16. From there, SE began to mass snipe killing 2 but we countered it and finished the rest off.


CE Ending Ops: 51

SE Ending Ops: 0











Thanks SE, always a pleasure. Next time we'll do a CWRI and Matched or something. Even though the MB war was a bit boring, they are always useful in getting people to do basics right.


If you're interested in any CWA fight with CE, join #CE, PM any HalfOp+ or /msg HAR.



[email protected]~



EU Leader | | CE Retired Admin | | TKO Retired Member | | SE Retired Member

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Congrats, looks like some fun fights


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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I missed it! :(

good job CE!


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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