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90 > 94 Magic Calculations?

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Well I've decided to go for Magic as this year's Bonus XP skill, now I want to get 94 Magic, and I have already chosen the skill to cast with, which is Stringing Jewellery, so now my question is, with the Bonus XP bonus, how much Astral runes and what/how ammies would I need? I'm guessing gold amulets?


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I personally used the Tip.it calc and used only 60% of what it asked for.


And yeah use gold amulets, that's what I'll be doing.


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The best way would be barraging monkey skeletons under Ape Atoll (like chinning) which is easily twice as fast as stringing and cost only a little more.


If you want to string amulets, consider that it's 83 magic xp per amulet and that you need about 3.5m xp (42000 amulets). You can use 1300-1400 amulets per hour or so. Assume 30k amulets?

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