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Octane Vs Demiros


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Octane vs Demiros








  • Round 1: All Styles 30 min CWRI
  • Round 2: All Styles Melee/Binds/Range
  • Corr OFF
  • Dungeoneering OFF
  • Snipers OFF
  • Rings ON

CWRI Starting:











We started with 29 strong as we headed to their portal where we saw he opposition. We rushed the first pile with force as the person got KO'd which lead smoothly to other transitions + KO's which ultimately lead to our win.


Pictures of the war:
















Matched Starting:







Matched Ending:





Demiros decided they wanted to switch up to an MBR with dung on so we said what the hell and accepted! This fight was a lot more even, with their pile dying shortly after we had dropped one of Demiros' members. It was man for man for about 3 kills till we started KOing more and more of them till they decided to leave.





Thank you Demiros for the war, sorry about any rule breaking on our part (if any), hope we have another encounter soon



[Crimson Raiders Trial Commander] || [#[email protected]] || [Octane Leader]


"There's no rush to greatness"

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