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DG/WG + Collision vs Drunk Pkers


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Descendant & Wilderness Guardians + Collision


Drunk PKers



Last night, DG and some WG headed out on our usual Wednesday Raid.

After fighting a few DP at Rune Rocks, we asked them to mass up for a fight.

Despite them hitting us at mossies pre-fight, we got ourselves in gear and headed up at around 9:30 Eastern.

DP ended up outpulling us, so we asked our good friends Collision to help us out.


WG/DG Starting:~9



Collision Starting: ~10


DP Starting: ~15-20


We started the fight during Coll's mass, and took DP head on.

Despite being outnumbered almost 2-1, we stood our ground.

When Collision arrived, DP decided to leg it for mossies.

Within 20 minutes of the start, we had cleared all remaining DP from the battlefield.


Fight pictures:







WG/DG ending: 7



Coll ending: Don't think they lost anyone


After that we went raiding with Coll for a bit, then called it a night.


Overall an incredibly short but somewhat fun fight.

Thanks again to Collision for being awesome :shades:


Oh and we also decided to make our masses more aesthetic.

My plan is the Leader and Raid Leader on either side of our vexellium facing south.

1 square gap, and the rest of the clan lines up facing north in a 3x or 5x box.

Tell me what you guys think ;-)





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