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The Children of Guthix


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We invite you to join us, the Children of Guthix, if you enjoy an open, welcoming community, staff who're more than happy to listen to you if you have a problem, and some kick butt events!


Children of Guthix was founded by Garagedwella and 8BitDarkMage (GenShinigami at the time) and opened on February 2nd, the day after the Wilderness and Free Trade were returned. It's named the "Children of Guthix" because they believed in balance, and that there can only be peace through balance. Even if you aren't a follower of Guthix, the founders welcomed people, because Guthix does not discriminate! We are still a fairly small clan, but that just means you can get to know everyone quicker :D


In the Children of Guthix, there's a chain of command. It begins with the Clan Leader(s), and below them to keep track of day to day operations are the members of the High Council. They keep track of the Council Members, who run events, keep track of forums, and watch IRC and Ventrilo for trouble. Without all these people, CoG could fall apart quickly.


So if you want to join this amazing clan, please register at our main site. (see below)


Enjoy your day, and may Guthix smile down on you!











If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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