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Written by Wouter, copy-pasted by me :ugeek:


We set up a fight with LPT for this fine Monday, not being able to get a fight for last night we were all looking forward to it. We headed out with 35 strong Warhungers and awaited for LPT to come up with around 30 as well. They set to DD and we rushed them.


The start of the fight was ours, we sent snipers immediately and just tore through their pile. After around 30 minutes we let it slip and LPT had a strong comeback with a solid main pile and it was even, but near the end our top calling and amazing styles prevailed and we did work again. We ended strong with 38 out of 40 people in game, LPT ended with a good 30.


Thanks for a great fight LPT, hopefully we can have one again soon.


Thanks to LF for ac'ing all the randoms sniping us, appreciated seeing the circumstances :)


Trwf starting: 105

LPT starting: 90


Trwf ending: 114

LPT ending: 90


Welcome to Swaggerville Miikezilla.


[22:05:07] <Trioske12> womens' place is in kitchen









Trwf Ending:



LPT Ending:




Stormfolk | TRWF Clanfriend


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