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Help with Overloads


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Basically Bonus Xp Weekend yielded me the ability to use Overloads. I sold a good bit of my combat gear to fund it so now I only have Veracs, Karils, and a Glory. No chaotic, no turmoil, etc.


I took a trip to Bandos to test out my Overloads using Super Prayers and Saradomin Brews. It started out well but to my displeasure, I was taking major damage and started to chug my brews. I noticed I wasn't doing much damage and looked at my stats and I was reduced from 99/92/99 base combat, so roughly 125/117/125 with ovl, to 66/50/117. Obviously I am doing something wrong here.


Am I lacking Soul Split healing to use Overloads effectively at Bandos or should I be using rocktails with brews and only brew when necessary/timed with the overload boost?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I do feel this is a huge boost in my metagame and I would love to learn how to use it effectively.

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You'd be using super restores.

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Yeah the real issue there is that brews drop your attack stats, so when you find yourself taking multiple doses in a row, you are dropping your own attack and strength further and further. To combat this, you need to bring super restores, and according to most of the pvm experts, you should plan on a ratio of 3:1 or even 2:1, meaning for every 3 sips of Sara Brew you take, you need 1 sip of Super Restore.


Additionally, and I freely admit to not being a pvm expert, you can solo handle without turn and chaotics... Plenty of people have done so, just don't expect the speed and number of kills per trip as someone with those things.

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Overloads boost your levels by (up to) 26 every 15 seconds. If you drink one dose of brew, it'll be fully restored by the next boost. If you drink more, you must drink a super restore after. In general, at Bandos, start a kill at 1100 lp or so with 3 uni specs. Use uni until at 600 lp, then brew once. If you get hit a lot and end up with very low health, brew three or four times and restore once. Keep hitting while doing this.


Ideally you would keep track of the 15 second intervals and brew about two seconds before it hits.

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from my personal experience if your soloing (because i dont have turmoil) just bring extremes and rocktails and a war tort full of rocktails then for you a unicorn when ur out of that.

if your duoiing its alot easier to time your brew sipp's.


but thats just my opinian. and i certainly am not a bandos expert.

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Ideally you would keep track of the 15 second intervals and brew about two seconds before it hits.

The best way to keep track (for me) is by tracking your hits, it restores roughly every 6 rapier/whip hits and 4-5 cls hits if that helps. So you just try to brew a hit or two before that.

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