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Runescape Dinasty VS Echo Of Silence

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IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat




Runescape Dinasty -vs- Echo Of Silence









Date: Thursday 15th September


Oli approached us for a short cap fight today and with no other prospects of fights from alternative clans we accepted pretty quickly. We waited for EoS to finish their AC trip and setup on W61. Happy Birthday to our awesome Co-Leader Mattalphonse <33 Happy 43rd birthday mate xo






RSD Starting: 198 Options


Echo Of Silence Starting: 150 Options ish?


We rushed EoS to start the fight and although getting a pretty bad pile off at the start due to some pretty bad lag/loading screens we immediately started to do work on their pile. With our obvious number advantage it showed as we started transitioning through them, doubling their K/D for the majority of the fight.


A few crashing teams/clans decided to make an appearance to snipe both us and EoS but after a short break clearing them we continued the fight and they didn't seem to make any impact on the second part of the fight thankfully.


EoS had some very strong points as they made swift work of the small sniper cap and managed to compete with us for the majority of the fight however our numbers and organisations came out trumps in the end as we managed to push EoS into regrouping numerous times within the last 30-40 minutes, eventually ending with 240 options to EoS' 186.


Thanks a lot for the fight once again EoS, other clans could learn a lot from you.



RSD Ending: 240 Options (76 on ts)


Echo Of Silence Ending: 190 Options



















- Runescape Dinasty Applicant Manager -








MSN: [email protected]

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Gratz RSD :)


Who made the K/D graph?

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