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DF Day Out - P2P

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Hey this is the Divine Forces news with Dbruv as your host, i'd like to inform you about our Friday afternoon in P2P. We set off hitting a few mid sized mid levels teams who put up a serious battle since we don't have a damn clue what we were doing. We managed with nothing more then levels & numbers we achieved to beat them.


I think they were called Final intervention or something like that but i'm not too sure.


Couple pics of that







Afterwards we ran into FF which pretty much decimated us, but we came up with a plan to rush FF back and just hope they would log out out of fear. We gave our members team-50 capes and got a few spams ready we rushed in, spammed our hearts out and cleared FF.








DF ending:90 opts




Hopped a couple more worlds, FF rushed us again and we had to admit that FF has superior skills and we decided to end. Was all good fun thanks for the little scraps FF maybe we'll have more in the future. Was a lot of fun.


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