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True Ownage -V- Legends Never Die


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True Ownage -V- Legends Never Die

We were looking for a Short-Prep, and found out LND were also. Nykimu got in contact with Phil to set up a 4 Hour Prep war.



  • 2 Rounds of CWA:
  • 30 Min CWRI:
    • Classic Map - Center Bounds,
    • All Styles,
    • Dungeoneering Items allowed,
    • No Sniping,
    • Attack on Sight.

    [*]Matched Opts:

    • Classic Map - Center Bounds,
    • All Styles,
    • Dungeoneering Items allowed,
    • No Sniping,
    • North Attacks.


Round 1


True Ownage Starting: 23

Legends Never Die Starting: 21






We had a few problems 15 minutes into mass as Nykimu posted the wrong time on our forums, but we gained to 23 thankfully and got the war started. We really dominated from the start, with superb styles and some solid tanking. We quickly opened up a 10 kill gap within 7 minutes after some fantastic transitions and binds. We gained to 25 on TeamSpeak and LND could no longer live with our sublime KO power, and left with 10~ minutes to go.


True Ownage Ending Kills: 64

Legends Never Die Ending Kills: 17




Round 2


True Ownage Starting: 26 (dropped to 19)

Legends Never Die Starting: 19






We started off even, with both of the first piles dropping at around the same time. But we stepped it up with amazing style switching combined with cracking tanks. This meant we were able to end very strongly.


True Ownage Ending: 16

Legends Never Die Ending: 0








  • LND for the shortprep.
  • True Ownage for great performances, both Rounds
  • Warria06 for once again displaying his amazing arithmetic skills.
  • Nykimu for not knowing how to tell the time (and for great leading)!


Cheers for the short prep LND, always enjoy fighting you guys. Thanks for the clean fights.


- Jack

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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