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Lvl 120+9 looking for PKing & PVM Clan


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My stats are:

98 Attack

99 Strength

83 Defence

99 Hp

99 Ranged

99 Magic

95 Prayer


Looking for a small-medium sized active PK'ing and PVM clan, like to think I'm a decent hybrid ;)


Only looking for frequently active clans, cheers.


Reply here or PM me on Tip.it :)

Currently not active on RuneScape.



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Try out clan envy, its an active f2p pvp/waring clan but instead of doing pvm events the members just go pvm when they feel like it. We have a large corp unit and plenty of guys who lvoe gwd so you would have no problem in getting a team for gwd. Its 110+ f2p with 12 rune sets as requirments. Check it out at #envy or at Clan Envy


Gl finding a clan

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I was once like you, right here, on a topic looking for a clan. Someone suggested Ancient Legion, I took their advice, and joined. We're a smaller clan, which many people like due to the fact you get to know everyone, and everyone is very friendly.


I haven't ever regretted my decision, as Ancient Legion has been my one and only home. We have weekly wars, very frequent boss hunts and PK trips. I think you'll find Ancient Legion to be a pleasant experience!


Join the cc "Ancient Legion" in game, or visit our forums. You can always take a look at our RuneHead memberlist. Have a great day!

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