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Divine Forces vs Collision

The Observer

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After our short PK earlier we went out for a small anticrash. We visited all fights going on including Exalt vs Poison, TT vs EoS and Col vs Exodus. With Collision's fight ending early and us on an unmand I decided to ask them for a little fight. Luckily they were down for a little tussle with a 10 minute prep.


Collision Starting: 80-90 opts


Divine Forces Starting: 84 opts (Nonmand)




Although the fight only lasted around 30 minutes, it was quite enjoyable. Collision gave a great effort keeping up while the numbers were pretty even. Eventually Collision dropped, we gained a few and our tanks circled around our pile. After hounding their pile nonstop, they decided enough was enough and called it a night.


I really appreciate you guys stepping it up and fighting us. The fight was clean and enjoyable.


Divine Forces Ending: 117 opts (40+ in TS ~ Nonmand)












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