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W22 Fishing (Skilling/social clan)


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W22 Fishing





We're, like, a skilling clan. Originally we were just fishing, but now more than half (73/135 at last count) of the clan is maxed, and a lot of those players have moved on to other things, so most of us don't actually fish that much anymore. That said, we do still like our theme, so we try to keep a fishing motif; this is seen most prominently in our event schedules, where we like to have fishing-related events, and in our ranking system, where we have bonus (cosmetic) ranks to mark clan members who are going for, or have achieved, 99 fishing.


We have events. Our events guys (like me!) set them up. They're mostly skilling and minigames. No boss hunting or PKing--we're not that kind of clan. Events usually happen on a weekly basis and often involve fishing--that's the "motif" thing again. :shades: If there's a particular event you'd like to see, we're open to suggestions.


We have a citadel. Or as it's colloquially known, The Fishadel. We expect clan members to contribute some resources every week. It's not mandatory, but if you don't, we'll bug you about it, so yeah! Help out! It's fast, you get a clan ring with bonus xp charges for your trouble, and the xp for gathering is not too shabby either. In return for your contributions, you will of course have unlimited access to all the facilities therein, including Party Room, banks, effigy boosts (+10 temporary boosts to summoning and agility for opening effigies, available on the clan battlefield--all clan members can access these), woodcutting/mining/firemaking/smithing skill plots...etc. If you want access to a Citadel, we're looking for more hands!


We are P2P-based. Free players are welcome, and we'd enjoy your company in the chat, but all the events and stuff happen in P2P worlds.


No requirements to join. Anyone can join--it's okay.


The main rule in the chat is that you have to be nice. Please don't be rude, antagonistic, or otherwise disrespectful. We want to keep a friendly atmosphere. Spamming and soliciting are also prohibited because they're annoying. Oh, and you must follow all Jagex rules. If you notice someone being rude or annoying or breaking Jagex rules or whatever, contact an Admin or Deputy Owner rank and they'll deal with the offender.


Details on the Fishing ranks I mentioned earlier:

- If you're going for 99 fishing, post in our RSOF thread at [qfc]154-155-120-62443528[/qfc] and we'll add you to our pre-alumni list. Actively going for 99 fishing while on the pre-alumni list qualifies you for a double-stripe rank. Once you hit the 92 fishing milestone, that gets upgraded to a triple-stripe rank.

- If you already have 99 fishing, you're eligible for a bronze star rank. To claim it, bring your fishing cape to a clan event after being a member of the clan for at least a week and ask one of the Admin+ ranks at the event to upgrade you to a bronze star.



Any questions?

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