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Rate & Help Me Clean My Bank?

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Hey guys, this is my current bank. I have included a picture of my stats as well. Feel free to rate my character.


However, I am also tired of having a large bank. Any tips you have for cutting down the amount of items would be appreciated. I am not willing to part with the potions.










Cheers. :)

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First off, that's probably the most organized looking bank I've ever seen >.> I wish I had a fraction of the ability to organize like you, lol. Mine's a complete mess right now...


Anyway. I'll go through it top to bottom and pick out what I think you could do without, but I also don't know what items you're collecting just to collect - I know I personally have my own collections (biscuits, meerkat pouches, etc) that I wouldn't part without as well.


Just an overall thing I noticed - you have a huge amount of placeholders, that's probably what's eating up most of your bank space. Selling off the ones you don't rely on very often would free up a lot of space, in my opinion.


[spoiler=Massive wall of text]First tab. I see the rock hammer there - I'm unsure on how often you slay, or if you take gargoyle tasks at all, but if you don't, I'd say toss that out. The scroll next to the infinity boots I don't really recognize (although my guess is it's a citadel spell scroll), so you probably don't need that either. The strange rock from Avalani you can just get back from Diango, so you could get rid of that as well. I notice you have slayer gems and rings as well, but I assume you use the rings fairly often, so it's probably better to have a gem placeholder in that case. I also see a doctor's gown (I think?) and a strange rock - unless you're using the doctor's outfit as part of your outfit, you could get rid of it (I'm sure there's a way to get it back, since it's a quest item). The strange rock can be placed in your collection bag, which I think I saw in a different tab.


Second tab. You have a lot of pouches in there - you could probably sell off all but the most commonly used and just rebuy the ones you need as you need them to save space. I notice you have placeholders for shards/blank pouches as well, you could get rid of those to save space. The stone scarabs you could possibly throw out as well, depending on how often you do Pyramid Plunder/recharge the scepter (even then, I thought it was preferable to recharge using gold items anyway, which I notice you have a large pile of in a different tab). Water talisman is likely another placeholder, so it could be sold.


Third tab. Tons of placeholders >.> I personally wouldn't have any normal hammers now that you have the golden one in the same tab. Saws, depend on if you're doing construction soon. If not, I'd probably drop/sell them. Needle & thread I always kept in my bank somewhere for some reason, but it really isn't needed that much unless you're training crafting soon, so you could get rid of those. Dwarven army axe has a chisel attachment, so you don't need the normal chisels now. The army axe doesn't have a knife attachment (which I still find irritating, but I realize it would conflict with the tinderbox attachment), so I'd keep those unless you won't need them anytime soon. You can use the army axe as a tinderbox, so you can toss the normal tinderboxes as well. Don't really need the bullseye lanterns since you have two with sapphires inset into them (and I'm sure you have the seers' headband in there somewhere), so you could sell those.


Continuing with the third tab... considering the large number of addy bars, I'm guessing you'll be training smithing somewhat soon, so those are a keep. The logs/planks/caskets aren't really *needed*, but that one is your choice :P the addy platebody would also be a keeper if you're training smithing soon. Molten glass and gems could be sold, unless you're collecting them, of course. I'm assuming most of the jewellery is teleport stuff, so that would all be kept. Since you have a lot of gold ore/bars, I get the feeling you might be training crafting with them - if not, I'd sell them along with the steel bars. I personally wouldn't keep a battlestaff placeholder (unless I'm mistaken and that's a dramen staff, I know they look identical), so sell that. Same with the silk and glassblowing pipe.


Fourth tab... only thing you could really do here is sell/drop the harpoons and bait/fly fishing rods (I'd keep the barbarian fishing rod just because it can't be bought back). I always keep food with placeholders in my bank, but pie dishes are your choice, I personally would just drop/sell them and buy more summer pies rather than make them myself.


Fifth tab... I have to say, I blinked when I saw this tab >.> that's a ton of potions, lol. You did say that you wanted to keep them intact, so I'll respect that. The secondaries you have at the bottom you could potentially sell, though I'd hazard a guess and say you probably won't since it would break the organization of the herbs :P


Sixth tab, there isn't much to say here, other than you could toss the noose wand and just buy another one when needed. I have a tendency to hoard every single vine I get, so I have no comment on what ones you have.


Seventh tab... I personally tend to use a single glory amulet at a time (in other words, use a single amulet's charges until it hits zero, start on a new one, etc) so I only have 2-3 bank spaces taken up at a time. Same sort of thing with (chipped) house tabs, I just chip some of them when needed for something, instead of having a number of already chipped tabs already banked - although having them pre-chipped would end up being faster when you need them, though. Teleport scrolls - no clue what ones these are, but I'm going to guess and say they're the more useful ones that you're actively using, so those are a keeper.


Still in the seventh tab... hm. Unless you're using them or brewing them, I'd probably sell the dwarven stouts (m?). Nurse's hat, could drop if you're not using it as part of an outfit. Could also sell the seercull (I think that's what the bow is, not completely sure) if you're not using it. Pineapple rings, I'd eat or sell, unless you're making pineapple pizzas or something. The stone seals, you could drop/sell.


Eighth tab, I'm going to immediately assume you're collecting the wooden shields, so I won't give any advice on them :P I personally only need a lava battlestaff and my tome of frost, but I didn't see one of those in your bank, so having each type of staff is good for now. Unsure why you have dragon spears, so if you're not using them, you could sell them. Same deal with the rune armor. The red robe tops I assume are Zamorak robes - I'm unsure of why you need them, but if you don't you could sell them. The suqah teeth you could sell to the tooth fairy (I think?) after Fairy Tale Pt 3, otherwise I'm unsure why you have them, so you could drop them. Broodoo shields I believe are cheap mage def shields, but if you're not using them, I'd probably just sell as well.


The staff between the ugthanki dung and the gold seals I have no clue at all what it is, so I can't really give an opinion on it, lol. Depending on if you use it, you could sell the magic shortbows along with the arrows (although I'm guessing the arrows that you have 405k of are broad arrows which are untradeable, if I recall). Could also sell the bronze knives as well. Skipping down to near the bottom of the tab, you could drop the jester boots if you're not using them as part of an outfit. Don't really need a brown apron unless you're going to the Crafting Guild, so you could drop that as well. Assuming the two blue things right at the bottom of the tab are dwarven clothes, so you could drop/sell them if you're not using them as part of an outfit as well.


Ninth tab doesn't exist in my bank, since I have all of my capes stored in my POH - if you're not going to wear skill capes much, I'd recommend storing them if at all possible, but since you don't have the hoods, you'd have to rebuy the capes to store (although the cape alchs for around 60k, if I recall). Another one that's your choice, although storing all of your capes would free up a few bank spaces :P




I think that's just about it... excuse the massive wall of text, though >.>


You have an incredibly neat and organized bank though, Laura. And you're still ahead of me in total level, I noticed :) hope I helped in some way.

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I will gladly take the egg, the mask the santa and the cash pile off your hands.


To clean-up space: remove all the charges of items like the glories. You only need to dedicate two places to them. Unchanged and (4) and continue to use the one you are using until the charge is depleted.

Your bank isn't exactly full. My bank currently is overflowing and I have to have 6 items out at all times...

Nurse Hat, Seercull and bagels can go too.

Luck be a Lady

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2400 overloads, oh baby.


overall its organized pretty well. and im ocd about making sure mine is laid out just right.


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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Amazing bank super jealous of your rares (still kicking myself for selling em before i quit for 2 years :angry: ) but very nice still not sure if theres really anything i would get rid of its already so nice and organized i most likely would say keep it the same, still have plenty of space 60+ spaces is fine considering its already got everything you really need in it lol

99 Fletching 99 Attack 99 Constitution 99 Cooking 99 Strength

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Turn your cannon into the set @ GE, saves 3 spaces

Dependent on the state of your poh (we have a similar cons level so I'm working out of the idea of mine), you can store your void gear and the Herby Habitat outfits in your POH (armour case).


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Nice bank. The herblore tab is nicely organized, I suggest dumping all the items you don't use and fixing your tabs up a little.

I always have the first open tab with junk so if you pick something up you know your not going to keep you can just insert it in with the rest of your junk and it wont disorganize any of your other tabs.


I tend to use this order on the bulk of my accounts.


Tab 1] Teletab- Runes, teleports, staffs, rings and glorys.

Tab 2] Skilling- (most likely the largest tab) Herbs,pots,spades,axes anything else that relates to skilling, also keep food in here raw and cooked.

Tab 3] Armour/Range/Magic- All your combat equipment for all classes.

Tab 4] Coin Pile- Rares, skill capes, clothing and holiday items, misc stuff you may wear.


This leaves 4 open tabs and makes each tab look filled but still leaving a lot of space in your bank.

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