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anti [email protected] revolution.


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IF everyone starts using Storm of ARMADYL at Glacors it's going to be so sad. The only way the armadyl runes (spells) come into the game is through Glacors, and if people use the spell on the glacytes then there will be very few left for the rest of us, or something.


Theory: The price of the runes will increase but people who use the spell at glacors wont care because the shards they get cover them no matter what. So what ends up happening is no one can use SOA affordably for other varied things (like slayer tasks).


So, we must *not* condone or promote the use of SOA at glacors. And ideally, we shouldn't use it ourselves (but i don't think this is too much of a problem as long as we don't tell people it's all that great - most people won't catch on by themselves because they underestimate mage).


please please please don't spread the word. I'm calling this the anti [email protected] revolution, which may hopefully counter what I forsee as being the [email protected] revolution - already more and more people are writing about the soa method and it's scaring me!

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Eventually, you should expect the price of the Armadyl rune to become high enough that most players will choose to sell the... runes? shards? instead of use the SoA spell.


Plus realistically, the only place you'd use the SoA would be PVP, potentially bosses, and Glacors. I can't see the rune becoming cheap enough for most players regular slaying.

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it's okay. I think I'm overreacting maybe. Good points everyone.



It's just that right now they are *just* in the range where I don't feel too bad about using them for many slayer tasks (for me who has 2b). But if they went to 4k I would be crestfallen. So this is a sensitive issue to me.

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There is a theory which states that if it becomes a non-efficient way (i.e. irrational way) to do something, then people will start rationing. If acquiring the runes become so profitable relative to other moneymakers, then people will switch over and thus increase the supply more.


The prices are likely to stablize at a point near Supply = Demand. Why worry?

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Please clarify - I don't quite understand your point. Do note that I'm talking about the economy as a whole, as opposed to discussing individuals.

I think he means that it does not matter how you get it (only how many of them come into the game) and how you spend them (because using them on the source is no difference in using the same amount on something else).


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I think that whoever wants the runes bad enough should go do the quests/skills if they were to complain about prices. They're easy to kill. ^^


If it's an efficient method to kill the glactyes, then use it @ glacors! :D


(I will be using SOA after a few runs of getting used to SS...)

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