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NK vs BK


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Rules :

Area - wilderness - tree to tree + lava vents


◦RANGE - allowed

◦MAGIC - allowed

◦Friends - disallowed

◦Explore ring - allowed

◦Corrupt - disallowed

◦Dung - disallowed





Statistics :

Night Killers/Starting : 42 ops

Blue Knights/Starting : 45/42 ops


Night Killers/Ending : 36/39 ops

Blue Knights/Ending : 0


Video :





Our first PvP war in our history, we were surprised that we pulled almost same pull like they had :P

Thx to NK Fousek for tanking :) I think he was the only person who died :)

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Grats NK

RIP Michaelangelopolous

u can control my tip it account, but youll never control how fine i am!

This is by FAR my favorite song:


I love N_odie and would never edit his posts! I love Rainy_Day too <3 And also Cowman_133. <33 Oh, and Laikrob is a going to hunt me down and kill me like a pest kangaroo if I reveal how awesome she is. I owe tripsis skittles. DarkDude feels like he's missing out. This is my siggy! - n_odie Rainy_Day MINE! - n_odie Rainy_Day And meol shouldn't feel left out. Oh, and Y_Guy is a noob awesome


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