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How do i best Duo/Trio Bandos? Is solo a posibility?


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I want to know the exact gear, inventory, summoning, stats to level. Everything that i should be using both at my current level and once maxed.


Strength 99 --- Attack 91--- Defense 80 --- Lifepoints 93 --- Magic 94 --- Prayer 78 --- Summoning 73 --- Herblore 85 (Many extreme attack/strengths in bank. Can easily stew up some super defense if prefered over brews)


I have approximatley 40m bank, currently invested in claws and fury, but i don't mind selling and replacing if it will improve my bandos effectivness. I have 2.5k crimson charms and about 30 ancient effigies. I have 100 sw zeal. I have chaotic maul and rapier. I have an imbued berserker ring and points to imbue 10+ other rings if neccessary. I have SW cape. I could easily get elite void set (recently lost it >.>) and any other minigame related item such as firecape if recommended.


Currently i use Veracs helm --- Karils top --- Veracs plateskirt --- Bandos boots --- Barrows gloves --- Amulet of fury --- Berserker ring (i) --- SW cape --- Chaotic maul --- Zamorak arrows With dragon claws for specials.


I bring 2 extreme strengths. 2 extreme attacks. 2 brews. 2 super restores. 3 prayer potions. 1 fruit bat pouch. 300 fruitfall scrolls. 1 hammer. 1 Climbing boots; 5 special restores. (For anticrashing and faster kills, the fast kills usually results in much less damage done to the entire team, hard to decide if worth an inventory slot though) 8 rocktails. I also bring a summoned war tortoise full of rocktails.



I'd also appreciate a leveling guide. Should i focus on 99 attack first as i'm the offensive one, or would increasing my defense help more? Should i get turmoil next, or overloads, or work towards maxed gear first?


Thank you in advance.


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Solo for you is almost definitely not a apossibility. Not because you couldn't manage it, but because you would be outclassed by other players. Duo or trio depends more on who goes with you now, and what their stats would be. Even then, no offense meant, you would be a weakness that other maxed teams will exploit to killsteal from your group.


You would need a chaotic, ovls, and probably turm to compete. Not to mention top-tier stat boosting gear like imbued rings, fire cape, etc. Good news for you, you've already got a chaotic/imbued rings/fury/spec weapon... So there's that. Work towards maxing your combat stats first and foremost, keep using veracs and hold off on buying bandos for now.


As for what to prioritize, ovls or turm, I'd guess Turm--but I'll admit that's an opinion. Wait for someone else to answer that : X


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Fruit bat + Fruit fall?


Anyhow, turmoil is extremely good (plus you get SS for the staying power)

I don't think that many special restores is needed, you're probably better off with prayer + renewal pots.


Your stats are average, and sounds like you/your team if they're about the same levels would get pretty easily.

I would recommend that you get overloads/prayer especially since they're pretty cheap at the moment.

An overload would be extremely good since it saves a ton of space (extreme/super restores can all be replaced)

SS/Turmoil flashing (and leveling up prayer) would help you a lot as well.

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u might be able to get away with a trio, if your lucky enough to get a world and hope that crashers dont come in a couple minutes. if u were doing trio, the tanker would definetly need ovls to account for the brewing. u should get turm before ovls btw. definitely get a fcape asap. also, bear in mind that trioing bandos is not good money at all. in order for u to make decent money & not get crashed alot, you would need ovls, turm, higher attack, and 88 or 96 summoning. gear-wise your pretty good, except switch to fcape and get rid of the bandos boots(dip in bandos spa if u need protection from the followers). lastly, spec rests are definitely worth the invent spots. and why do u need climbing boots? u should really unlock trollheim tele if thats why you have them.

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I'd definitly go for overloads first because it gives you more staying power (brews), and as mentioned saves inventory spaces. I generally find 2 special restores are good just in case of emergency as well.


Pro tip: If you ever get crashed by someone in full bandos who's, probably a c maul, claw specs every skill and is not using a BoB then they're full on spec rests 9/10 and rely on you to be the tank. So either lobby or tele out via portal and watch them hop or burn, I've gotten some loot from idiots who can't solo and die like this. Sorry if you already know this, just thought it'd be a helpful tip for Bandos at lower levels.

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Yeah i really need to do edgars ruse, i just hate questing >.>


I was thinking turmoil next as it would increase my killrate a lot more and soulsplit would help a lot for extending trips, but i guess overloads/brews would help even more for lasting long.


I use fruit bat + scrolls because the fruit heals way more than a bunyip, can be used by the whole team, and i don't have a uni yet.


People seem to underestimate noobs these days... I've already duo'd 300+ kills with a lower level than myself, we get about 20 graardor kills a trip, and it's definatley one of the best money makers for my level, despite being less efficient than maxed players. Plus we rarely get crashed/don't have much trouble finding a world.


Thanks for the tip, kandy. But sadly that's not the type of crasher we ever get as we duo lootshare worlds we usually only get crashed by larger teams.


I used to use sharks, but after my first few BCP's i decided it was worth blowing a few 100k more on 15% more healing...


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