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The Observer

Divine Forces vs Echo of Silence

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Yo Big Dbruv letting you know what and how it is. We've been trying to get a fair 1 v 1 with EoS for a sometime now, so i went out got an AC ready and made sure EoS would be out tonight. We had the 2 hours under control they had an hour and the last 4 hours were under our domain. DF proved we wanted this more, it showed through our styles, dedication and and dominance.


Eos using all their spies to get info, but still need more!



(16:14:51) <Clay_More12> Sup Ell01

(16:15:02) <Ell01> hello

(16:15:41) <Clay_More12> Are you intrested in DF pk times for tonight?

(16:17:03) <Ell01> lol

(16:17:38) <Ell01> your like the 5th person to pm me. I already have a fair bit of intel but sure

(16:19:43) <Clay_More12> Alright, 4:00 EST = Mass

(16:19:49) <Clay_More12> 4:30 EST = Heading out

(16:21:05) <Ell01> aren't you supposed to be DF?

(16:21:11) <Ell01> or atleast was

(16:21:37) <Clay_More12> Yeah, I'm still a member

(16:22:39) <Ell01> so your giving me this intel? because?

(16:24:36) <Clay_More12> Tired of DF officials stinking us over

(16:25:11) <Ell01> how so?

(16:26:03) <Clay_More12> Basically Officials aren't dedicated to DF anymore

(16:26:09) <Clay_More12> And Dennisbruv only thinks about his ego..

(16:26:29) <Clay_More12> And not the clan

(16:27:48) <Ell01> You guys put him up there on his Pedestal in the first place no wonder he thinks he's gods gift lol

(16:28:15) <Ell01> i think the main problem is, he promises things he can't deliver

(16:29:30) <Clay_More12> He thinks he is leader of DF when hes just a Warlord

(16:29:31) <Clay_More12> L

(16:33:29) <Ell01> lmao

(16:37:59) <Clay_More12> I hope we slump bad so Dennis leaves for another clan again

(16:38:17) <Ell01> lol..

(16:38:23) <Ell01> not for EOS

(16:38:31) <Ell01> kids got downs

(16:43:26) <Clay_More12> Also, you mentioned about 4 other people PM'ing you, I could be way more useful to you than them

(16:43:56) <Ell01> believe or not 2 of them are just like you

(16:43:59) <Ell01> pissed of members

(16:44:05) <Ell01> but sure ill take everything

(16:44:08) <Ell01> lol

(16:45:13) <Clay_More12> Alrighty, I'll keep you updated tonight




funny to see how you pretend you have 5 spies, then ask for any intel. Massed at 4 est, even though our PK was for at 4:30 (mass). Thanks for being the little puppet you are ell01.



653 kills 609 deaths - df - eos 477 kills 606 deaths


DF starting 55 on TS

EoS starting 57 on ts



Pics of the fight















DF ending: 170 opts



Proud Echo of silence doing their usual antics of mass logins





Cya next time EoS


Shout out

Marshall loss for being an overall cool guy.

Superman for keepin it real.

Eos for being the Swiss cheese they are and making it easy to get info.


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well done DF! :D


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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Congrats, looks like a dominant win.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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Destroyed lmao

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


appmanagercrown.pngTKO Blitz Member | bluepd5.gifEx-Tempted Killers Council

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