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The Observer

Divine Forces defeats Echo of Silence

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Yeah we defeated EoS two nights ago. So we heard EoS was going out today, so we decided to hunt them. Was late so missed the first hour of the fight, but we were in total control when I appeared. Fight lasted around 2 hours, and consisted of chasing their regroups for most of it. Personally expected EoS to give us a longer one, but it seems like their recent activity urge dropped - as naturally expected.


Looking forward for more of them fights. Good luck.


DF Starting: 150 Options

EoS Starting: 120 Options


DF Ending: 74 on TS, 220ish Options in-game





EoS Ending: 0 on the battlefield


Fight Pictures:










Good job DF. 2-0 boys. :dale:


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well done DF!

nice topic Kev! :)


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Was fun :lol:

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


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